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    Client Journeys with Amelia

    Amelia's success working with our customers speaks for itself. Listen to their stories.

    • Ken Nugent P.C. Attorneys at Law

      • Challenge

        As more clients move toward online channels, Ken Nugent, the firm’s founder and namesake, wanted to deliver a seamless digital experience.

      • Solution

        The firm piloted Amelia for telephone and web-based client services in January 2020, filling the role of a digital legal assistant to help offload administrative duties.

      • Results

        Amelia serves 40,000 monthly web visitors and is the first point-of-contact for 100% of inbound calls, directly generating to the firm signing up 1,100 new clients.

    • Telefónica

      • Challenge

        Telefónica wanted to replace its outdated automated voice systems in its contact centers in order to improve resolution times and customer satisfaction.

      • Solution

        Telefónica hired Amelia to handle customer service in Peru. The goal was to give customers a more natural interface for communicating with the business.

      • Results

        The Amelia platform handles 4.5 million calls per month. She accurately recognizes customer intent on more than 90% of calls, and customer satisfaction has increased.

    • BBVA

      • Challenge

        With more than 8,000 branches and 20,000 contact center operators, BBVA needed an optimal way to resolve high-volume customer service inquiries.

      • Solution

        BBVA hired Amelia to respond to customer service questions. By handling routine calls, Amelia allowed human colleagues to focus on more complex customer issues.

      • Results

        Amelia handles 32% of all calls at BBVA's contact centers, and one-third of those she completes end-to-end, without human intervention. Customer satisfaction has dramatically increased.

    • NTT Communications

      • Challenge

        NTT Communications wanted to reach new and younger customers through popular social channels during off-hours.

      • Solution

        The company hired Amelia to execute marketing campaigns within Line, the most popular messaging application in Japan.

      • Results

        Since Amelia's first day on the job, customer engagement through Line increased 20%. Conversion to product pages increased by a factor of 20, and sales via Line increased 400%.

    • BNP Paribas

      • Challenge

        BNP Paribas wanted to deliver a fluid internal and customer-facing solution for all digital interactions.

      • Solution

        BNP hired Amelia (and named its virtual agent NOA) as the first point-of-contact for more than 1 million customers and employees.

      • Results

        NOA is trained to complete 27 tasks in English and French. Her intent recognition has reached 95%, and BNP is exploring new use cases for future implementations.

    • Deloitte

      • Challenge

        Deloitte partnered with Amelia to help its clients improve access to back office applications, customer service and talent acquisition.

      • Solution

        Amelia assists employees at Deloitte clients with taking better advantage of information systems, so those companies can optimize resources and investments.

      • Results

        Clients have decreased costs while improving efficiency, with high rates of user satisfaction. Our solution also has contributed to higher revenue and lower employee attrition.

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        The Amelia Integrated Platform

        Purpose-built to help companies transform into friction-less digital enterprises utilizing Amelia’s Conversational AI and AIOps, enabled by foundational Orchestration Services. Customers leverage the Amelia competencies best suited for their specific use cases.

        • 91

          Amelia is more than a chatbot — she’s a fully engaged Digital Employee™. With her cognitive abilities, she delivers high customer satisfaction levels. More than nine out of 10 consumers at a European bank rated Amelia’s service as good or very good.

        • 7000000


          As the market-leading Conversational AI agent, Amelia easily scales for high-volume contact centers. She averages more than 7 million conversations monthly for a major telecommunications provider.

        • 40000


          Amelia is a trusted enterprise-ready platform, with experience at some of the world’s leading brands. She interacts in 40,000 chats per month in German, English and Spanish for a global telecommunications company.

        • 93
          resolution rate

          Utilizing Amelia as part of a digital-human hybrid workforce results in higher first-touch resolution rates. She accurately handles 93% of requests for an international hospitality company.

        Learn More About Amelia Solutions

        The Mind of Amelia

        Explore what makes our solution Amelia the Most Human AI.

        Business Value, Human Experiences

        Our solutions are ideal for any use case focused on high-volume requests and transactions.

        • On-Demand Customer Care

          Customers want more channels and choices when it comes to customer service. Global companies hire Amelia to provide superior end-to-end Customer Care. Amelia delivers personalized customer services powered by conversational AI.

          Learn More

        • Digital Banking, Humanized

          Leading global banks, retail banks and financial institutions utilize Amelia to elevate their customer service and scale with demand. She has years of digital banking experience, working alongside human colleagues for best-in-class user experiences.

          Learn More

        • IT Support at AI Scale

          Businesses around the world depend on Amelia to provide bulletproof IT Support and IT Operations for greater efficiency, improved productivity and elevated cost savings. She frees IT professionals to handle more unique tasks.

          Learn More

        Conversational AI for Business

        Our Amelia platform is far superior to a run-of-the-mill chatbot. She can converse with customers across voice, text, chat and more, in whatever form that a user needs.

        Hire Amelia

        Amelia is ready to collaborate with your team. You can deploy our solution within your existing IT and business operations, or hire her yourself.

        • Engage with an AI Expert

          We offer on-premise and cloud-based deployments with secure back-end integrations, customized as needed. Let us know exactly what you need, and we can work together to bring conversational AI to your company.

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        • Engage with Amelia, Directly

          Amelia delivers the best elements of human interaction, driving deeper connections and greater business value. Interview her to see the kinds of roles and tasks that she can take on for your company.

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        We know Amelia can make a difference in your business — and we're here to help.

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