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About Us

Collaboration between humans and machines is the ultimate opportunity for today’s enterprise. Digital Colleagues and virtual engineers will revolutionize human experiences through the rapid delivery of personalized services. No company is more prepared to lead this march toward a collaborative future than Amelia.

The Leader in Enterprise AI

We have more than two decades of experience building and delivering advanced automation and Conversational AI platforms for the enterprise.

What began with a vision from our founder and CEO Chetan Dube has manifested into a company with global operations in 15 countries and industry-leading solutions. Our technology impacts more than 200 of the world’s leading brands, including global leaders in banking, insurance, telecommunications and more.

AI is world-altering technology that allows people to lead more creative and rewarding lives. We are AI pioneers, discovering new ways to remove barriers between people and the benefits that AI can deliver.

Emboldened by that pioneering spirit, we’ve changed our name from IPsoft to Amelia, deepening our commitment to our flagship AI platform and extending the banner we built in honor of the groundbreaking aviator Amelia Earhart. Her story best embodies a level of greatness that we aspire to reach every day with our solutions. It only made sense that we should adopt the name Amelia to represent everything about our company, its innovation, and its 20-plus-year history.

We partner with our clients to implement proven use cases and discover new ones. By working together— leveraging human versatility, focus and teamwork — we make business better.

Amelia remains at the forefront of the AI industry — inspiring, innovating and imagining a world in which human potential is unleashed.

Executive Leadership

The leaders of Amelia are unified in their commitment to deliver outstanding results for our clients, inspire our people, and support our communities.

  • Chetan Dube

    Founder and CEO

  • Peter A. Benoliel

    Chairman Emeritus

  • Jonathan Crane

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Thomas Wilkinson

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Uday Chinta

    Managing Director, India

  • Ergun Ekici

    Vice President, Emerging Technologies

  • Mike Ghicas

    Vice President, Service Design

  • Daniel Harron

    Vice President, Service Optimization

  • David Harron

    Vice President, Sales

  • Kevin McLaughlin

    Head of Development

  • Jeffrey Neu

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Gary Rosenblum

    Vice President, Service Technology

Sales Leadership

  • Faisal Abbasi

    Managing Director, UK and Europe

  • Michael Anderson

    Vice President, US and Canada

  • Uday Chinta

    Managing Director, India

  • Gerald Audenis

    Country Manager, France

  • Ergun Ekici

    Vice President, US

  • David Harron

    Vice President, US

  • Manuel Rubio

    Managing Director for Spain, Portugal, and Latin America

  • Andrew Winlaw

    Managing Director, Australia

  • Brian Anderson

    General Manager, Healthcare

We unlock human creativity by automating routine tasks. We develop solutions that represent the next chapter of human-machine collaboration. We are advocates for the creation of the hybrid workforce. And we innovate on our clients’ terms.

  • Mission

    Pairing human and Digital Employees to unleash creativity and deliver business value.

  • Vision

    Our work does not replace the people who make companies successful. We streamline IT operations, automate processes end-to-end, and enable true conversational experiences with cognitive AI. In doing so, we help companies create deeper human connections with every audience they touch – customers, employees, suppliers and partners.


Chetan Dube, Amelia's founder and CEO, believed that the IT infrastructure and business operations of the future would be managed not by people but by expert systems. He envisioned a world in which mundane engineering and administrative chores would be automated, freeing business professionals, engineers and technologists to focus on creative endeavors and innovation.

Within a few years of the company's founding, originally as IPsoft,  it established a presence in India providing remote IT infrastructure managed services and shortly thereafter opened its first European outpost in London. As growth continued to accelerate, new offices followed. First in California then Amsterdam and beyond. In 2009 alone, the company opened its Frankfurt, Austin, Chicago and Stockholm offices and expanded its New York and Bangalore offices. It then entered the Asia Pacific region, opening offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

In 2014, following 15 years of development, IPsoft launched Amelia, the first cognitive agent to interact like a human. Amelia opened a new chapter in the company's growth and placed it at the forefront of a technology enabled revolution that promises to change how we live and work forever: the age of the Smart Machine.

In 2020, we changed our name from IPsoft to Amelia, extending the banner of our flagship product that built in honor of the groundbreaking aviator Amelia Earhart. Our namesake didn’t just allow people to see the world in a new way — she changed it forever.

Amelia is having a similar global impact with AI. What’s more, we believe that the value of any company’s journey (including our customers’) comes from the accumulation of knowledge and experiences along the way — how it can change your perceptions, open up new avenues of discovery, and simply make life better.

Our journey is far from over. We continue to pursue new frontiers – inspiring, innovating, and imagining a world in which human potential takes flight through AI.

We invite you to join us.

  • 2021 1H

    Digital Employee Builder for no-code Conversational AI for Citizen Developers

  • 2020 2H

    Amelia v4 launch: Cloud-sourced pre-trained digital employees

  • 2020 1H

    Amelia HyperAutomation Platform launched

    Agent collaboration platform with Amelia 'learning engine'

    Custom consumer facing avatars launch

  • 2018

    Achieved 600+ enterprise customer base

    1Desk launch - Cognitive + Autonomic + RPA platform

  • 2017

    Amelia v3

    Inaugural Digital workforce summit

  • 2015

    Amelia v2

    Inked strategic partnership with IBM for IPcenter platform

  • 2014

    Amelia v1: First enterprise conversational intelligence designed for completing job functions

  • 2013

    Achieved $100M in revenue

  • 2010

    Achieved 100+ enterprise customer base

  • 2009

    IPcenter v3: Introduced "Autonomic Centers of Excellence" Platform

  • 2004

    IPcenter v2: Introduced intelligent virtual engineers

  • 2001

    IPcenter v1: Pioneered "internet-based" remote infrastructure management

  • 1998

    IPsoft founded

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