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AI Luminaries Driving Business Change

Learn how forward-thinking executives are shaping the Future of Work for the next generation with automation, cognitive and Conversational AI technologies.

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Meet the AI Luminaries

AI Luminaries is an initiative from Amelia that aims to recognize and highlight the work being done by those at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution driven by AI technologies. These executives and leaders are adopting automation and Conversational AI to enhance business operations and spearhead massive change. Moreover, their backgrounds and experiences provide them with a unique perspective of the ongoing evolution of their respective industries.

Watch our video interviews below to hear from these dynamic AI leaders. We'll be adding more AI Luminaries videos and stories regularly.

  • Dr. Maria Aretoulaki

    Director & Head of Explainable VUI Design at DialogCONNECTION Ltd

    “We already have so many digital identities and so much [personal] data on us in the cloud [that] this information and data can be leveraged to personalize our speech interface, so that they don't just say, 'How may I help you?' but perhaps they’ll say, 'Hey, do you want to top up on your favorite French wine?' ”

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  • Luis De Mena

    Mobile Director at Bankia

    “The future without a doubt is going to be that we’re going to interact with everything with our voice. Now, you see young people walking down the street on their phones, they don’t text, they talk. Even when they are sending messages, it’s a voice message… Most things are now going to be available with voice. Voice is going to clearly be our interface.”

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  • Anders Borg

    Sweden's Former Minister of Finance and Senior Advisor at Amelia, an IPsoft Company

    “If in the normal work life for a person, you let AI run for 10-15 years, we will never have to book any flight tickets, we will not sit and plan where we stay in hotels, our calendars will probably be coordinated by an AI mechanism… As I see it, AI is a huge positive factor for society.”

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  • Andrew Belzile and Dimitris Karabinis

    CGI Executives

    “Your people have to be involved. They have to be engaged. They have to want to participate. Whether it’s the engineers or the business or the app owners, if you don’t have buy-in across the organization for what you’re trying to achieve, you’re going to hit stumbling blocks and road blocks all over the place.”

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  • Fatema Hamdani and Richard Pierle

    Featured in an AI Exchange

    “When we’re talking about the next generation of technology that’s self-learning, self-healing, and self-propagating, how do we design that? Do we design it with the biases that exist in the teams that are there? When I propose that you need psychologists and sociologists as part of your technology team, the conversation isn’t about technology anymore, it is about a cohesive way of operating and working and technology is augmenting that.”

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  • Angela Meyer

    Strategic Innovation Lead, Aruma

    “We [implemented AI] with a vision of what AI could make possible, and that possibility is really quite amazing… The focus on the technology itself kind of isn’t the point — it’s what the technology can do. And if you see AI just like anything else, as an enabler, then that’s the way of approaching the problem.”

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  • Jay Kunarathnam

    COO, Connex & Pulse Services

    “I think the first thing you got to do is take a look at your organization or your challenge in a holistic way, rather than trying to solve a sort of a day-to-day or a very specific problem in a contact center.”

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  • Natarajan Venkatesan

    Director, NTT Data Americas

    "Once a customer really likes the technology, as long as it's cost effective, they definitely see value in it. Because you know you're going to have the ability to kind of free people to do more interesting things."

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  • Dennis Cote

    CTO, Soroc

    “Before it would have been just adding people to solve the problem. Now I can bring in technology, as well as people as well as new services, bundle it all together and I get different insights as well into that client, because now I’m handling more of an end-to-end capability.”

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  • Dr. S. Vincent Grasso

    Surgeon, Software Architect, Global Practice Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences at IPsoft

    “The lingua franca of the world is healthcare. If you have appendicitis in Cambodia or New York City, you’ll be treated the same. Surgeons know what to do. These procedures are standardized. We now need to extend the delivery of care beyond face to face encounters via the extension of information systems via AI ecosystem assets including Conversational Computing, Robotic Process Automation, and Machine Learning.”

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  • Dean Nelson

    Technology Executive, Board Member, Advisor, Investor, Advocate, Philanthropist

    "In my professional career I have been driven by one question - What's next? I love to solve complex problems and take on challenging projects. I live, eat and breathe technology and push myself to come up with new ways to not only apply them, but push them further."

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