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AI Plus Automation Equals Profit

Artificial Intelligence and automation are game-changers. No matter whether your company is trying to increase productivity, revamp customer experiences, or make direct sales, AI is the answer. Below, read and listen to the experiences of global business leaders who’ve reaped the rewards of AI systems — part of a trend we call AI2ROI.

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Transform Your Business Through AI2ROI

“We discovered that the main catalyst for our digital transformation would be to focus on customer-facing processes. We wanted to be 24/7, anytime, anywhere, transparent and personalized.”

— Gonzalo Gomez Cid, Global Contact Center Director, Telefónica

  • What kind of ROI can I expect from AI?

    It can be a complicated question, one that is very much dependent on where an individual company is with its journey, experience and maturity with AI technologies, and on what kind of business value a company wants to achieve. The good news is that as the AI market matures, an emerging number of companies are deploying use cases that are delivering AI2ROI across several dimensions.

  • AI2ROI In Action

    Hear a first-hand story of AI2ROI from Telefónica, a global leader in telecommunications, as they pursued a way to limit the number of calls transferred within the contact center to reduce costs and improve the overall customer experience.

Chart Your Course to AI2ROI AI2ROI: Delivering Business Value With Automation and Cognitive AI

As the AI market matures, an emerging number of companies are developing and deploying use cases that are delivering ROI across several dimensions. These examples provide guideposts and best practices for how businesses still looking to push out of the starting gate can plot their plan to use AI for real, bottom-line ROI.

It’s part of what we see as an emerging trend among enterprises that sits at the core of their AI projects and deployments: AI2ROI.

Download this white paper to explore this AI2ROI trend in more depth, with insights into how companies can measure AI2ROI, and details on how some major global brands are driving AI2ROI within their businesses.

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Learn From the Experts

Find out what experts at the forefront of their industries are saying about transforming with AI and achieving AI2ROI.

  • “You take those IT systems and take the four or five things that are the most common, and we’re focused on [automating] those. Simple things like opening a ticket…if that drops two minutes off of every agent’s call and if you multiply that times 3,800 agents, it adds up pretty quickly to where they could focus on actually solving bigger and better problems.”

    — Mickey Davis, Unisys

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  • “If you haven’t got leadership from the top who are encouraging you to take some risks and drive change, then the [AI] competency center won’t be able to deliver.”

    — Jennifer Hewit

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More Expert Advice

The Real-Life Benefits of AI2ROI

Want proof? Ask the Harvard Business Review.

  • 50

    Increase in leads generated by companies using AI systems

  • 70

    Reduction in call time for sales inquiries due to AI improvements

  • 60

    Decrease in overall sales costs as a result of AI-based solutions

AI2ROI Success Stories

  • Accenture launched a Skype-based digital agent to provide employees with 24/7 access to information related to payroll, vacations, training, life events, career path and health. Before the virtual HR concierge, employees needed to contact a member of the HR team during business hours in order to locate relevant information. Now they simply ask the digital agent for information through a chat interface 24/7. Read more to understand its business impact.

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  • One of the largest telecommunications companies in Japan sought to bolster sales through social engagements with customers. Previously, customers could only receive information on SIM cards, data plans and smartphones by visiting a physical location or through inquiries on LINE, Japan’s most popular messaging platform. The company tapped a digital agent to add an interactive, AI-powered social-chat element to its sales and marketing operations. Read more on how critical this project has been for sales growth.

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Ready to Experience AI2ROI?

AI2ROI is real. Regardless of whether your company is at the start of its journey with AI technologies, or already far down the road, there is a great opportunity to develop and deploy use cases utilizing automation and digital workers for AI2ROI. And we can help.

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