Amelia Named a Leader in Virtual Assistants by Ovum

December 19, 2019 • 1 minute read

Amelia was recognized in the “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solution, 2020–21” as a Leader among 11 evaluated companies. In the report, Ovum, an independent analyst firm, acknowledges Amelia as market-leading conversational AI technology, offering strong language support, facial recognition and a large number of vertical integrations that work in concert to deliver best-in-class user experiences.

As part of its research, Ovum ranked 11 enterprise AI companies based on customer references and structured vendor briefings, among other criteria. In the analyst firm’s evaluation, Amelia is highlighted for the speed and ease involved in training her to handle new roles. “Amelia’s NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is based on ELMo (embedding for language models) — ELMo uses not just individual words in the conversation but also context through surrounding words being spoken. The result is that less data is required to train the cognitive model, making it easier to deploy a customer solution,” according to the report. “When Amelia is trained for a language, it’s always natively direct to model, with no intermediate language translation to an existing model.”

The Ovum Decision Matrix also underscores differentiating factors that allow Amelia to perform tasks with human intelligence and emotional understanding. "[L]anguage packs... plug into Amelia together with all the other components such as sentiment analysis,” the report states. “It also classifies conversation using a neural network trained on the psychological pleasure, arousal [and] dominance (PAD) emotional state model used to represent all emotions to provide additional context.”

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