Amelia’s Out-of-the-Box Vertical Solutions Receive High Praise

July 18, 2018 • 2 minute read

Principal Analyst Alan Lepofsky of Constellation Research reviews his experience at Amelia's recent Digital Workforce Summit.

In the latest event report from Constellation Research, Vice President and Principal Analyst Alan Lepofsky reviewed his experience at Amelia’s (formerly IPsoft)  recent Digital Workforce Summit, saying that digital colleagues like the Amelia Conversational AI “are quickly becoming part of the workforce, as they help augment the capabilities of internet help desks and customer support call centers and websites.”

The article highlights major announcements from the daylong conference held in New York City on June 7th, namely the new Amelia Marketplace and launch of Amelia City. Amelia's Marketplace is targeted at businesses that are looking for out-of-the-box virtual agent solutions. Amelia has been pre-trained for industry-specific roles in banking, insurance and healthcare, as well as IT, Finance and Human Resources. By purchasing Amelia as a digital colleague for a specific role, businesses speed up deployment and time to value.

Amelia augments human processes

In his report, Lepofsky noted that DWS was about creating a digital workforce and visualizing how human and digital tools will work together. He recognized that “solutions like Amelia are not intended to replace humans, but rather augment their ability to get their jobs done ‘better.’ Better could mean faster, more accurately, higher volume, better satisfaction, more creatively, or a host of other improvements.”

Digital colleagues like Amelia “are quickly becoming part of the workforce, as they help augment the capabilities of internet help desks and customer support call centers and websites.”

By working alongside employees, Lepofsky said Amelia helps alleviate some of the challenges associated with today’s customer service: automated phone systems are time consuming and frustrating, and consumers hate waiting on hold or searching FAQs to find answers to their queries. Amelia’s scalability, 24/7 availability and ease of use make her a viable alternative to existing customer support channels. With added human understanding and empathy, Amelia has the potential to revolutionize customer service by bringing both of these characteristics into the contact center.

Personalized responses for customer queries improve the experience

Amelia has been described as more intelligent than a chatbot. Lepofsky in his post highlighted her ability to customize answers for each user. “Rather than just providing a generic answer, Amelia can leverage a personalized history of interactions (ex: Alan, last year you enrolled for plan A) and understand the sentiment of the question (ex: Alan, I see you’ve submitted two claims for chiropractic work, I hope your back is feeling better).” Amelia gives customers personalized, empathetic responses, and is able to switch context mid-sentence creating a fluid customer experience. Furthermore, as part of Amelia's AIOps (formerly 1Desk) solution, Amelia’s role goes beyond customer support to automating back-office functions, assisting with IT, HR and Finance issues and automating those processes.

Amelia City showcases how AI solves real business cases

In its new briefing center, Amelia City, Amelia can demonstrate the different applications of AI in solving real world business problems. One of the challenges that businesses face with AI is knowing where to begin and finding the most relevant business case to get fast ROI. The interactive briefing center enables businesses to visualize how Amelia will benefit their organization, and Lepofsky noted the value of that approach. “I think focusing on business use-cases is always the right way to start the conversation. Amelia is doing well with their use-case focused messaging and the amazing new Amelia City lab/briefing center,” he concluded.

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