DWS 2018 Interview: Sandra Notardonato, Research Vice President and Invest Analyst, Gartner

July 20, 2018 • 1 minute read

Research Vice President at Gartner, Sandra Notardonato, feels that Artificial Intelligence already has a significant impact on the IT services industry by augmenting labor and replacing mundane tasks.

Sandra is a Research Vice President and Invest Analyst at Gartner, covering the services space. She provides company insight and analysis for investors, drawing from Gartner’s services practices and her own knowledge and experience of the sector. Recent research topics include IT services forecasts, infrastructure and outsourcing, vendor analysis of IT services providers, and digital business’ impact on the IT services industry.

Sandra feels that Artificial Intelligence already has a significant impact on the IT services industry by enhancing “a very labor intensive marketplace [by] augmenting that labor with Artificial Intelligence, intelligence automation, cognitive automation as well as the more replacement of the more mundane tasks that had made up a lot of the IT service industry with Robotic Process Automation.” In addition to these changes to outsourcing and IT services providers, Sandra said she also feels that “the business and IT is going to converge, and therefore the influence from the business is going to come more in to play when making types of decisions around Artificial Intelligence.”


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