DWS 2018 Interview: Eliot Weinman, Founder and Conference Chair, AI World and Executive Editor, AI Trends

July 30, 2018 • 2 minute read

When it comes to AI, companies need to take a big picture view, says Eliot Weinman of AI World. In an interview at IPsoft DWS, he encouraged organizations to learn about available solutions, find strategic relationship partners and figure out how to build your team. Watch the video here.

Eliot Weinman is Founder and Conference Chair of AI World. For the past two decades, Eliot has been a successful entrepreneur and veteran high tech market expert. Trends Equity is his fifth publishing start-up. He previously founded and sold four leading publishing firms whose media products had become the largest in their respective industry. He has been a publisher, editor and author of numerous magazines, newsletters, books and research studies in diverse areas of advanced technology. Eliot’s writings have appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle and The Washington Post, AI World and companion online magazine AI Trends, his most recently launched titles, have become the nation’s largest independent AI business event and integrated media platform covering the enterprise AI market.

In an interview during Digital Workforce Summit, Eliot noted that around 85% of the global 2000 companies have prioritized AI as a strategic imperative but few so far have done anything substantive with it. This means that during the next few years there is an opportunity for companies to harness and take advantage of intelligent AI tools for real business advantage. He said he views IPsoft as a company that is focused on reality, showcasing what AI can do today. Eliot called out Amelia as “a very well thought-out, planned project with a lot of deep roots in research.” Impressed with the work that IPsoft is doing across major verticals, such as fintech, banking and insurance, he declared, “It’s a promising future for IPsoft.”

For organizations looking to invest, Eliot advised that “companies need to take a big picture view. Number one, they shouldn’t be intimidated [by AI], and I think it should come from a strategic imperative at the top of the organization.” He also encouraged organizations to learn more about the available solutions, “find good strategic relationship partners, find great technology and figure out how you build your team.”


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