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Australia & New Zealand

Headquartered in New York, Amelia is the largest privately held Artificial Intelligence in the world. The A/NZ team, based in Sydney, leverages more than two decades of global experience delivering industry leading and industry packaged autonomic and cognitive solutions for Government, Enterprise and Medium Business.

Create Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Amelia is the leading intelligent virtual agent, powered by Conversational AI. She can be hired for jobs and tasks in any industry, and delivers superior digital services.

A Digital Human

Amelia possesses human-like skills to provide virtual customer support and IT Help Desk service. She can also act as a digital call centre agent.

Builds Digital Agents On Her Own

Amelia is the only solution in the market that can create digital agents herself for routine, time-consuming tasks. It’s AI building AI.

Never Stops Learning

Amelia gains new knowledge and skills from every user conversation through the Amelia Integrated Platform.

More Than a Chatbot

Chatbots are just for FAQs. Amelia can do so much more.

Knows Your Language

Amelia speaks 100-plus languages for clear communication and personalised services.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Users can communicate with Amelia by voice, chat, text — any channel they need.

Amelia by the Numbers

Amelia delivers real business value for our clients — from improving customer satisfaction, to speaking with millions of users at once.

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    NPS Gain

    Amelia increases customer satisfaction. For one company, her Net Promoter Score is 16 points higher vs. human colleagues.

  • 9100000


    Amelia thrives in companies with large customer bases. She currently supports 9.1 million active users for a global firm.

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    Quality customer service requires clear communication. Amelia speaks 100-plus languages for personalised experiences.

  • 7000000


    Call centres deliver quality service at amazing scale with Amelia, who averages 7 million conversations each month.

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    Amelia's integration framework is built on Apache Camel, an open-source framework with thousands of integration templates.

  • 90

    Amelia builds brand loyalty. At one company, more than nine out of 10 consumers gave her service top marks.

Analyst Recognitions and Awards

Amelia Solutions

Amelia has years of enterprise-class experience with some of the world's top brands. Learn more about her market-leading capabilities in different roles and industries.

Streamlining Healthcare Experiences

Digital Banking As Easy as Conversation

Personalised Insurance Services with Conversational AI

A Wide Range of Impact for Government

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