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Amelia Named a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms

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    Amelia Australia partners with NBNco to help SMB’s employ AI

    While small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) might be keen to find ways to punch above their weight, the investment needed to make the most of digital opportunities has sometimes held them back.

    However, artificial intelligence is becoming more accessible than ever and is helping SMBs level the playing field, especially when it comes to meeting changing customer expectations.

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    2021: Preparing for HyperAutomation to Accelerate Business Value Companies across Australia and New Zealand have radically transformed due to COVID-19

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    With Amelia AIOps, users interact with Amelia directly — through voice, chat, text, email, etc. — rather than contacting IT every time they have an issue or a question. Once users submit their requests, Amelia works in real time to fulfill them. No need to fill out forms or search drop-down menus— they can simply ask Amelia for service. She also can initiate system improvements via monitoring data thresholds or pre-scheduled tasks. It enables a new level of real-time support and service through Conversational AI, even if companies have existing ticketing, ITSM and IT Operations systems.

    Amelia elevates automation far beyond single RPA instances or traditional IT management for new dimensions of speed and efficiency.

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    Streamlining Healthcare Experiences

    As a complement to medical professionals and provider networks, Amelia with her conversational AI capabilities can be truly transformative. In fact, the trend of patients accessing general information and services via AI-powered digital agents like Amelia is accelerating as more providers and patients turn to telemedicine.

    Through the end-to-end automation of the healthcare payments ecosystem, patients can concentrate on their overall care plans, and providers can deliver more personalized and efficient services.

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    Digital Banking As Easy as Conversation

    Explosive growth in digital banking services is forcing banks to rethink customer service from top to bottom. Traditional banks are competing with digital-native newcomers​ and need technology to keep up. Most importantly, personalization in digital banking is a must to build customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

    Amelia, with her years of digital banking experience, is the best solution to address all of these challenges

    Personalized Insurance Services with Conversational AI

    Customers today want fast and guided interactions with their insurance providers. However, backend systems for most established providers are complex, implemented over many years, and stitched together without standard interfaces, leading to frustrating customer experiences.

    Enter Amelia, an intelligent virtual agent who has years of experience handling all kinds of end-to-end insurance processes for some of the industry's most prominent providers.

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    Amelia for Government

    Collaboration between humans and machines, using our flagship digital agent platform Amelia, is what will help government agencies and organizations achieve new levels of efficiency and optimization in the next decade.

    Amelia is a proven platform for government agencies that demands the highest levels of security and compliance, and also powers e-citizen services. In fact, most any governed process can be digitally transformed. No company is more prepared to lead this march toward a collaborative future than Amelia. Together with our government implementation partners, we’re eager to help your government agency or enclave do the same.

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    Better Communication with Conversational AI

    Telefónica, the largest telecommunications company in Spain, wanted to replace its outdated automated voice systems in its contact centers in order to improve resolution times and customer satisfaction. They hired Amelia to give customers a more natural interface for communicating with the business. The result? Tremendous business value.

    Amelia handles 7 million calls each month, and 100% of all mobile traffic. She resolves almost 20% of calls without any human assistance. She helped decrease customer abandonment rates by 44%.

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