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Banking The Industry's Best Conversational AI and Automation Solutions for Financial Services

Trusted Banking Services Delivered

The world's leading banks and financial institutions work with Amelia to improve bank efficiency ratios and generate new business.

  • 2 million+

    As one bank's front-line digital agent, Amelia conducts more than 2 million interactions annually, 90% without escalation.

  • 1 million+

    Amelia supports more than 1 million wealth management customers and employees with transactions and workplace services.

  • 150 skills

    Amelia resolves more than 150 specific IT and support tasks for one of the largest US financial companies.

  • 16 points higher

    In less than a year, Amelia achieved a Net Promoter Score 16 points higher vs. a human-only agent approach.

Skills for Banking Success

Financial firms trust Amelia's market-leading solutions to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and keep operations running at peak performance.

  • Scales

    Service in finance means addressing thousands of inquiries and requests simultaneously every day — and Amelia's ability to scale is unmatched in the industry.

  • Learns and Understands

    When it comes to money matters, users demand speed and accuracy. Amelia fully understands their requests as well as specific banking terms — and she can easily switch between subjects and tasks without missing a beat.

  • Voice and Chat

    Whether an all-digital or traditional financial firm, voice and chat channels are essential to attract younger generations of customers, many of whom never conduct transactions in-person at a branch or office.

  • Secure and Compliant

    Amelia is purpose-built to securely integrate with all proprietary financial or IT management systems, as well as industry solutions such as Fiserv, FIS, and Jack Henry, for full industry compliance.

Retail Banking

Traditional and all-digital retail banks utilize Amelia virtual agents to service accounts, deposits, transfers and credit cards.

  • Account Origination and Management

  • Card Billing, Payments and Disputes

  • Account Deposits and Transfers

  • Credit/Debit Card Management

  • Card Replacements

  • General Information and FAQs

Mortgages and Loans

Amelia executes on high-volume mortgage and loan processes so agents can focus on new product offers and high-touch service.

  • Application and Data Collection

  • Pre-approvals

  • Refinance and HELOC

  • Payments

  • General Information and FAQs

  • Approvals, Terms and Conditions Information

Wealth Management

Amelia advises clients on fund activity, executes transactions and reports daily and overall investment performance.

  • New Account Onboarding

  • Fund and Investment Performance

  • Account Transactions and Transfers

  • New Products, General Information and FAQs

Credit Unions

Amelia provides secure and friction-less services, delivered with the highly personalized touch that members expect from their credit unions.

  • New Accounts

  • Credit/Debit Card Management

  • Deposits and Transfers

  • Mortgage and Loan Services

  • Lost Card and Replacements

  • Card Billing, Payments and Disputes

Run the Bank

Amelia automates and optimizes large distributed IT operations for financial institutions, including high-volume IT Service Desks and data centers.

  • Password Resets

  • Server Management

  • Set-Up and Unlock Accounts

  • VPN Management and Configuration

  • Outlook Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • Issue New and Replace Lost Equipment

  • Open, Close and Manage IT Support Tickets

  • Level 1 and 2 Automation and Support for IT, Networks and Databases

Banking Partners and Integrations

Amelia works with the industry's leading fintech, integration and solutions providers to enable a full suite of digital banking services.

  • Fiserv

    Fiserv is the global leader in payments and financial technology for account processing, digital banking solutions, card processing, network services, and merchant solutions.

  • Jack Henry

    Jack Henry is a leading fintech company serving more than 8,000 clients, offering banks and credit unions a vibrant ecosystem of internally developed modern capabilities.

Watch Amelia in Action

We work with financial services companies to provide personalized digital services around credit cards, account management, fund transfers and more.

  • Lost Credit Card

  • Account Management

  • Transfer Funds

Create Extraordinary Banking Experiences

Conversational AI and automation play a critical role in digital banking, and their use must be expanded if financial services firms are to remain competitive, maintain healthy efficiency ratios, and improve customer service. Read more in our white paper.

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