1Desk is the Immune System for the Enterprise

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
October 31, 2018 • 3 minute read

The human immune system is constantly under attack by bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins and viruses. The system is never at rest. It never stops looking for issues, fighting issues, and preparing for issues to occur. Any IT operation is under similar strain.

IPsoft’s 1Desk is an end-to-end IT and administrative automation platform that connects your entire digital ecosystem. Because of how 1Desk tightly integrates IT tools, 1Desk is able to predict, fight, and automate fixes to common and complex problems, no matter where in your network or systems they occur. Whether you’re facing poor application performance, downed servers, suspicious network traffic, or any other IT-related issue, 1Desk can serve as the immune system for your enterprise.

The human immune system is constantly under attack from bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins and viruses. The system is never at rest. It never stops looking for issues, fighting issues and preparing for issues to occur. Any IT operation is under similar strain. New issues materialize, old issues resurface and there is never a moment of inactivity.

Like the human immune system, which actively works to root out germs, viruses and infections, IPpredictive and Event Monitoring work inside 1Desk to find any issue that may be working its way through your digital ecosystem. Just as your immune system attacks and destroys an infection or a virus, IPpredictive can trigger an automation to resolve a system issue. Similarly, if your immune system can’t completely eradicate a problem, it primes your body for an ongoing fight; 1Desk does this by alerting an IT support staff member that an issue is on the horizon and that an automation doesn’t yet exist to immediately solve the problem (so one can be created).

The lymphatic system runs through your entire body to deliver the cells that fight disease. 1Desk’s Integration Framework allows you to build the connections that tie your entire IT operation together. If one area of your environment is negatively impacted, 1Desk will be able to find the issue and fix it. If multiple areas are corrupted by the same issue, 1Desk will be able to run one solution to fix the problem everywhere through automation.

Your immune system uses tissues and organs to create and store cells that are guarding against, fighting or preparing to fight germs. In 1Desk, IPconnect watches and learns as fixes are made, and asks human engineers to turn those workflows into automations. If the automations are approved, 1Desk sends virtual engineers (IPsoft’s version of white blood cells) directly to the incident to run the resolution.

Ensuring Short- and Long-Term Health

Like the human immune system, which is broken into an innate immune system and an acquired immune system, 1Desk comes with out-of-the-box workflows and it builds new workflows when unforeseen issues occur. Think of Level 1 issue fixes as the innate immune system. Think of more complex, unique resolutions as the acquired immune system.

A body’s acquired immune system ensures that the overall human immune system improves over time. When your body is exposed to an illness, your immune system creates antibodies that remain on the lookout for similar illnesses in the future. When a similar illness returns, these antibodies have the historical information they need to properly fight it. 1Desk improves every time a custom fix is created. Either the fix can be saved as an automation, or it is registered in IPlogs so that human engineers can review the log in the future to see what occurred.

Just as humans can improve their immune systems by exercising and eating healthy, your team can constantly improve 1Desk performance by creating new automations within IPworkflow. The platform also uses Kubernetes for Hosting, which enables container grouping, load balancing, auto-healing and auto-scaling.

Collectively, the many elements and features of 1Desk ensure that your IT systems are always strong, healthy and ready to fight an issue, no matter how widespread the potential “infection” or issue may be.

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