Amelia AIOps is Everywhere You Are (With Data)

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If you run a 24/7 business, don’t settle for stationary desktop-based IT ops. With Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk), your organization allows IT professionals to handle problems on-demand with unlimited access to data.

Traditional IT operations struggle to keep up with the amount of work they’re expected to accomplish. Increased communications, outdated systems and repetitive tasks have staff spending precious hours focused on tasks that don’t provide substantial value for the business. Addressing high-value issues on-demand is almost impossible with current operations systems.

The good news is that AIOps can have immediate impact upon implementation. AIOps allows machines to solve problems that have traditionally been solved by humans. The system handles most L1 and 40% of L2 issues autonomously, which allows employees to focus on important tasks.

AIOps is able to field an endless number of low-level requests without human intervention thanks to IPsoft’s digital colleague Amelia. Amelia is available 24/7 on any device and she scales as volume increases. Your staffers and agents can chat with Amelia directly, rather than filling out tickets housed on web interfaces with massive drop-down menus. If they’ve forgotten the VPN password, they can just ask Amelia. No need to send an email to your helpdesk. No need to fill out a ticket online. Amelia will guide employees through the password reset process and store data about this interaction for posterity, regardless of where or when employees make their requests.

Amelia can resolve issues in the following categories right out-of-the-box: Access Requests, Status Requests, Troubleshooting, Catalog Requests, and Policy Questions. Think about how much time this will save your IT operations employees each day, particularly because AIOps can be anywhere employees are located, regardless of state, county, region or time zone.

Mobility is Crucial to AIOps

The vast majority of enterprise systems are capable of providing round-the-clock access on- or off-premises. AIOps is no different. Amelia is there at all times to help employees accomplish whatever they need to accomplish, regardless of where they are. This immediate, global access proves valuable when issues arise and a company’s most competent workers are away from their desks, or if these issues occur during non-business hours. What AIOps does that no other system can do is provide immediate, mobile, semantic access on smartphones and tablets.

Imagine what would happen during a massive outage at a company that relies on traditional IT operations: IT ops team members receive a notification that thresholds have been exceeded. A mass SOS is sent to the team to let them know it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation. Employees scramble to their laptops to log onto the system to play their role in fixing the situation.

With AIOps and Amelia, employees can speak commands to solve issues. An employee could literally be walking down the street when they receive the notification, verbally launch Amelia on their smartphone and ask Amelia to read the log of what occurred.

Amelia is so well-trained to understand and report on what happens within an IT environment that she can immediately and clearly explain what went wrong and what needs to be fixed. Once an IT ops employee has decided the next course of action, he or she can speak a command to Amelia and she can perform the exact fix. There’s no need to rush to a laptop, no need to scan logs, no need to type in lengthy commands.

Don’t rely on traditional, desktop IT ops to keep your business running. By connecting IT ops to an always-on, knowledgeable digital colleague, you enable staff to handle important tasks on-demand, regardless of the device they’re using, the task at hand, or where they might be.

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