Amelia AIOps: Technology That Empowers People and Processes

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Cognitive AI can provide great insight into how your business is running and how your workers are performing. IPsoft’s AIOps (formerly 1Desk) takes this a step further by observing business processes and making recommendations for improvements and shortcuts. Read this article to learn more.

In 1999, when Bruce Schneier popularized the Golden Triangle — the notion that people, processes, and technology must work in collaboration for a technology implementation to be truly successful — he argued that technology was doing too much of the heavy lifting with regards to technology implementations, specifically in relation to security. However, in 2013, Schneier ditched the triangle in favor a system that relied more heavily on automation.

“People and process work on human timescales, not computer timescales. They're important at the strategic level, and sometimes at the tactical level — but the more we can capture and automate that, the better we're going to do,” he wrote.

With AIOps, We View the Golden Triangle Differently

When considering Schneier’s classic triangle, we believe AIOps, our cognitive and autonomic shared services platform, has irreversibly tilted the balance of power in favor of technology, allowing it to have even greater impact on people and process. We’ve created a platform that not only lends itself to utilizing people’s unique skills and making informed decisions, but also ensuring compliance with the strict processes that organizations have put in place.  In short, we’ve given the technology the power to improve and accelerate how the people and processes function through AI. Although humans maintain a critical role in problem-solving and creative decision-making, our virtual agents and engineers are designed to empower humans and improve the work they do.

AIOps combines Artificial Intelligence-based cognitive agents and virtual engineers with human engineers and automation strategists in one cohesive system that unifies the front-office and back-office. AIOps provides companies with out-of-the-box ITIL-based workflows that can be plugged into standard IT operations. Most importantly, enterprises can create their own custom workflows that span multiple third-party integrated systems.

This ease-of-use allows IT operations to resolve issues and implement changes across the entire end-to-end integrated technology ecosystem. These automated processes allow employees to focus on issues that have greater impact to the business. They can be more creative. They can think of ways to make or save money that they may not have had time to implement as they were firefighting day-to-day issues.

AIOps Gives Technology More Power to Help Improve People and Processes

We’ve taken things a step further by empowering digital labor to monitor processes in order to find shortcuts and improvements. Behind every manual resolution that takes place inside AIOps, a virtual engineer or our digital colleague Amelia observes and constantly learns how human subject matter experts are solving issues or carrying out common tasks. The system analyzes all manual work, proposes which tasks should be evaluated for new automations, and human labor will then examine the recommendations and implement approved enhancements.

Although we are primarily focusing on IT operations initially, we designed AIOps to serve as an enterprise platform that can span a company’s entire business ecosystem, from help desk to HR, to finance, to e-procurement. Today, the people in these groups are functioning independently, and they’re overwhelmed by the required processes, with excessive communication and interruptions. Amelia, which comes as part of the AIOps platform, will be able to answer any questions IT workers may ask, but she’ll also serve as a connection to the front office by answering basic questions whose answers can be found in digital systems (e.g. “How many days off do I have left?”).

Amelia can also help front office workers perform tasks, such as collecting and processing expense receipts. She can reset lost passwords, and send reminders to colleagues about deadlines. By providing employees with a virtual agent like Amelia, along with virtual engineers, we can help employees improve how they work, and how they interact with IT, to improve business processes.

People, processes and technology ultimately must work harmoniously for any technology deployment to be successful. With AIOps, the technology side of the classic implementation triangle is driving the journey toward harmony, as it elevates and improve processes within an organization, and augments how people work both on and with various systems.


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