With Amelia, Car Buyers Can Eliminate Annoying Pre-Sales Steps

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Purchasing a new car is a complex process involving multiple parties. Amelia can automate the pre-sale information-gathering process, so prospective buyers can eliminate paperwork before arriving at the dealership. This reduces buyer frustration and increases dealer productivity.

Buying a vehicle is a complex and arduous process, with various administrative transactions between multiple parties (buyers, dealerships, lenders, insurance providers and the DMV, etc.). These bureaucratic layers can prolong the car-buying process, which currently takes an average of 3.6 hours to complete.

Fortunately, a cognitive AI solution like Amelia can automate, optimize and streamline many pre-sale administrative tasks, and even eliminate many steps before the buyer ever arrives at a dealership.

24/7 Availability

Amelia is available 24/7 through multiple channels to assist prospective buyers, which means users will never need to wait for “official business hours” to begin their car-buying journey. Furthermore, she scales to meet demand, so buyers will never be forced to wait in queue, no matter the volume. This ubiquity can allow buyers to begin the process on their time, just as it allows dealerships to be more productive with theirs.

Automation of Complex Processes

Amelia can tailor the pre-sale process for each unique buyer. For example, if a buyer indicates that they wish to finance their purchase through the dealership rather than a bank, Amelia can lead them step-by-step through the process of gathering all relevant information (e.g. proof of income, driver’s license, etc.) and even automate a credit check — all before stepping foot in the dealership.

A cognitive AI solution like Amelia can automate, optimize and streamline many pre-sale administrative tasks.

Customers would only be led through relevant procedures to save time; for example, a buyer who has secured loan pre-approval from their bank would follow a different set of steps than one who is securing financing through a dealership. Amelia can also intelligently eliminate duplicate steps, e.g. a customer will never be asked to enter their phone number twice in the same session, even if they are performing multiple processes. Furthermore, processes can be tweaked to ensure that companies always remain in compliance with the evolving patchwork of federal and local regulations.

Amelia executes complex information-gathering tasks in a far more human-like manner than automated solutions such as chatbots, IVRs or a static Web interface. Her industry-leading Natural Language Interface (NLI) allows her to discern user intent from a vast spectrum of human inputs and phrases. She would be able to understand customer statements such as “I think I’m actually going to get a loan with my bank, not you guys” or “I have a pre-approval from Wells Fargo, can I submit that information with you?” Static chatbots struggle to provide this kind of flexibility in customer interactions.

In addition, Amelia allows users to seamlessly “jump around” a process without starting over (e.g., “Actually, I want to change my previous answer and list my husband as the primary driver and not me”). This context switching is vital to a seamless, user-friendly process, and it’s something many other solutions are not able to deliver.

Secure and Fast Data Transfer

Amelia can also hasten the car-buying process by automatically and securely collecting relevant data from back-end and third-party systems. For example, Amelia could pull in pertinent information directly from insurance providers or external financial institutions (provided she is integrated with those systems). This would save the buyer the trouble of locating and submitting the information themselves.

In instances where documents must be uploaded, Amelia can lead customers through the process of securely uploading relevant documents to the dealership, such as scans/photos of a driver’s license, proof of insurance coverage, or car titles if the customer wants to submit a trade-in vehicle).

Amelia taps into the power of AI to deliver a human-like interface with machine-like precision and accessibility. This combination has the potential to reinvent the car-buying process so customers can spend less time at the dealership and more time driving and enjoying their new vehicles.


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