Amelia Connects AIOps to Users Through the Power of Conversation

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Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk) is a transformative autonomic framework that unifies an entire enterprise into a single platform, thus enabling powerful cross-department automations. Amelia is the intuitive conversational interface that allows all users to access the framework on day one.

Amelia AIOps is a transformative autonomic framework that unifies IT operations and shared services into a single platform, eliminating business silos, system gaps and other technological barriers standing in the way of value generation. Aside from being a digital framework, AIOps is also the command center for enterprise-scale automation executed by an always-available army of virtual agents and engineers. Not only does AIOps automate low-value, high-volume tasks, but IPconnect independently suggests new automations based on observations of human workers. As a central hub, AIOps enables the friction-free execution and automation of complex tasks across multiple departments.

Various solutions claim the ability to seamlessly link disparate business systems into one central application, but only AIOps offers these two irrefutable advantages: 1) AIOps bridges both IT operations and shared services, and 2) Amelia, the industry-leading cognitive agent that connects users to the AIOps platform through an intuitive conversational interface.

Amelia as the ‘Digital Glue’

A report from HfS Research referred to Amelia as the “digital glue” between the front and back offices. This is an apt description, as Amelia is indeed the User Interface (UI) that connects each individual AIOps user to the enterprise as a whole.

Amelia can connect all users — both external and internal — to AIOps through the power of conversation.

For employees not directly involved in developing or maintaining AIOps, Amelia will be their UI to the company’s autonomic framework. She empowers users to independently execute tasks, resolve issues and answer questions across all departments. For example, an IT worker can inquire about how many vacation days they have without relying on intermediation from anyone on the HR team or even needing to directly access the HR system (e.g. Workday, ADP, etc.). Or Amelia could walk a marketing team member through the process of submitting their first invoice for reimbursement, without relying on anyone from Accounts Payable for assistance.

Aside from amplifying the potential of each employee to do more, Amelia frees workers from high-volume tasks they were previously needed to execute. For example, when all employees can answer their own HR FAQs, HR workers are freed to address complex or personalized HR needs.

Amelia Brings Ease of Use to AIOps

As the unified, intuitive UI for IT operations and shared services, Amelia empowers users to access those systems without any specialized training. If they can converse with Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant, they will be able to interact and/or speak with Amelia to perform business tasks (depending on the interface or channel).

Amelia brings a high ease-of-use to AIOps experiences because of her ability to understand and respond to human colleagues’ requests. Amelia can discern user intent through her industry-leading Natural Language Interface (NLI). Once the intent has been registered and confirmed, she will either lead the user step-by-step through any process, or better yet, task a virtual engineer to execute the task behind the scenes without any further user actions.

Amelia Connects External Customers to Your Systems

Not only can Amelia connect employees to a company’s unified systems under AIOps, but she can also connect external vendors and customers to those systems through her NLI. When paired with AIOps, the external-facing Amelia will be linked to the system’s autonomic backbone to allow for a seamless integration between an enterprise’s operations and delivery. You can read more about Amelia and AIOps' potential for customer service disruption here, here and here.

AIOps and Amelia can redefine productivity within any enterprise or organization. The platform unifies all systems into a central digital platform, while Amelia can connect all users — both external and internal — to the platform itself through the power of conversation.


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