Take Amelia to the Next Level by Adding New Roles and Abilities

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At this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, IPsoft unveiled the new Amelia Marketplace, which enables companies to add new roles for Amelia in a matter of minutes. With each new ability added to Amelia, enterprises are able to accelerate ROI.

Amelia can acquire new roles in a matter of minutes

When it comes to AI solutions for the enterprise, the largest investments in time and resources generally take place during the implementation stage, such as costs related to the initial purchase, training, and establishment of an internal Cognitive Center of Excellence (CCoE). However, once the initial AI groundwork has been laid, smaller investments are necessary to introduce additional functionality down the line. For example, a bank that hires and onboards a cognitive agent like Amelia to reset user passwords will have to invest less time and resources to train her for other tasks. Each additional AI role has the ability to increase productivity, open new revenue streams and build additional business value, which contributes to ROI.

Many AI pioneers have found success through perfecting functionality within a limited scope before expanding into new roles. During his presentation at the second annual Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), Junichi Kudo,  Head of Applications and Content at NTT Group, the third largest IT company in the world, detailed how their version of Amelia (renamed as “Cotoha”) incrementally learned new abilities after she was first deployed in 2016. “Last year, Cotoha was able to only respond to easy and basic questions,” Kudo told the DWS audience. “But now we enabled Cotoha to connect with backend systems and made it possible to deal with more advanced inquiries.” Today, Cotoha can handle stock price inquiries and other more complex tasks.

The good news is that it just got easier than ever to add new industry-specific roles and abilities to your Amelia. In fact, you can do it with just a few clicks.

The Value of the Amelia Marketplace

“We want to make companies and clients better,” said Edwin Van Bommel, IPsoft’s Chief Cognitive Officer, during his DWS presentation. “If you deploy an AI like Amelia, she should help you with that return on AI to justify the investment in the technology.” A key contributor to AI ROI, according to Edwin, is the adding of new functionality, which he highlighted with the introduction of IPsoft’s new Marketplace where companies can acquire specific Amelia roles.

It just got easier than ever to add new industry-specific roles and abilities to your Amelia.

Amelia comes pre-trained to provide services in banking, insurance and healthcare in 16 roles with more than 140 skills. Within these verticals, she can accomplish specific customer-service based tasks such as credit card processing, mortgage processing, and quote-to-cash. With the new Amelia Marketplace, companies can access new industry-specific roles for their Amelia and launch their company’s AI journey, or current Amelia customers can leverage her for additional services. Companies also can partner with IPsoft to add their own original internally-designed Amelia roles to the Marketplace. Additional roles and industries are planned going forward.

Amelia is a powerful force for automation and disruption. The Marketplace greatly expands enterprises’ ability to access her unique skills and put them to work for better business outcomes.


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