Amelia: The First Line of Defense for Data Security

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
April 12, 2018 • 3 minute read

"Amelia has been able to reduce chat handling time while improving security through fraud prevention,” the report states.

When business leaders discuss artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to improve business operations, they typically mention it as a means for strengthening the customer experience, automating rote processes, reducing human workloads, and gaining business intelligence. However, a recent study by HfS Research, conducted in partnership with IPsoft, found that C-Level executives are also optimistic about the role AI can play in helping improve data security.

In the study, 59% of respondents said they are pleased with the security benefits gained by implementing cognitive tools. “Improved security is an unanticipated benefit of cognitive technology projects,” the report states. “Many cognitive tools have security and privacy in-built by design. We are now getting used to machine learning and AI providing threat intelligence, detection, and response.”

Unfortunately, only 13% of the HfS survey’s respondents consider improved security a top priority for deploying AI – a sign that the tremendous benefits that AI brings to security overall have thus far been overlooked. We believe this oversight will be corrected over the next couple of years, particularly when customers see what Amelia can do to secure their data and overall company operations.

Amelia, IPsoft’s digital colleague, can be hired as a first line of defense for an entire business’s security operation. Her ability to detect fraud, stop network attacks, and monitor for business anomalies at scale would require an army of humans working together around the clock.

As mentioned in the HfS report, an online gaming company hired Amelia to prevent phishing attacks by verifying a gamer’s identity before answering customer service queries. The company deployed Amelia to vet out fraud among their chat customers, flagging potential “phishers” to a human agent for additional authentication. When presented with customer information, Amelia followed up with the correct line of questioning with more than 99% accuracy. She was able to detect on her own that approximately 4% of total chats were phishers. By doing this, she saved hundreds of hours of wasted labor – and prevented potential hacks and data thefts.

“As this verification process previously accounted for a sizable portion of a conversation’s duration, Amelia has been able to reduce chat handling time while improving security through fraud prevention,” the report states.

The report also references our work with Carestream Health, a global provider of medical imaging systems and IT solutions which is piloting our Amelia AIOps platform (formerly 1Desk) to assist in onboarding processes for new workers. Carestream uses AIOps, which includes Amelia, to automate the delivery of laptops, cell phones, systems access, corporate credit cards, or travel accounts (depending on what a new employee has been issued). Rather than involving several people who each conduct a small part of this multi-step process, Amelia via AIOps was hired to run end-to-end onboarding. As a result, she was able to reduce the entire onboarding activity to 10 minutes. For processes that can’t be automated, Amelia creates a ticket to escalate the task to an employee. Carestream also found that our platform increased the security of the information being processed, and reduced the risk of errors that can trigger security and regulatory issues.

We’ve built security into Amelia’s DNA, both in her abilities and in how she’s deployed. She can be deployed on-premises, providing the most secure deployment option available with fewer points of data transit. Instead of pulling customer data onto a public cloud and then into a network, Amelia operates with direct links to all necessary data sources. Amelia still interacts with customers and colleagues via the internet, but the number of potential data vulnerabilities that could be accessed by hackers is greatly reduced.

The HfS report, which is available here, shows that cognitive technologies like Amelia can improve a company’s data security – even though a majority of companies are not yet considering security benefits when considering AI platforms. We would say it’s time to change that conversation, because we know the kind of security advantages Amelia is currently delivering to our enterprise clients. Businesses can trust that Amelia is the most secure digital AI platform, and that she brings strong credentials to any company’s corporate security profile.


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