Amelia’s Global Training and Development Team Trains Your Employees on Amelia, AIOps and IPcenter

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IPsoft’s powerful suite of solutions such as Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk) and Amelia are reinventing the way business is done. Our Global Training and Development team helps your employees learn everything they need to know in order to be successful and productive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have been around for decades, such as our groundbreaking IPcenter product which debuted almost 20 years ago. More recently, we’ve added our other enterprise-scale solutions AIOps and Amelia to our product portfolio. This suite of powerful tools have been employed by some of the world’s largest enterprises and empowered them to completely reimagine how they do business. Companies are able to truly unleash the potential of these solutions once their employees are trained on everything they can do. That’s where IPsoft’s Global Training and Development (GTD) team comes in.

The GTD team, headed by Director Carol Guzzo, is responsible for providing IPsoft clients and partners around the world with all the training and educational resources they need to leverage AI’s potential inside their organization. “The Global Training and Development team is here to provide companies with the educational tools they need to transform their businesses using IPsoft’s intelligent solutions,” says Guzzo. The team provides companies with instructor-led training programs in addition to online eLearning courses.


One of the primary ways that the GTD team connects with IPsoft partners and clients is through IPuniversity, a virtual learning management system that can be accessed 24/7 via any browser. IPuniversity provides all the necessary pre-requisite courses employees will need before beginning instructor-led training programs, which are hands-on to provide practice situations. The eLearning courses are structured, interactive engagements featuring text, visuals and video elements. The GTD team can work with clients and partners to develop custom curriculums specific to their needs. Managers will have the option for oversight and reporting to ensure employee compliance.

Instructor-led Training

IPsoft’s GTD team has trainers around the world are available to train your staff in regional language based on class location and students. Depending on the course(s) you elect for your employees, these courses can be completed in a few hours or over the course of several days. In some instances, we will be able to provide on-site instruction, otherwise, the instructors are available virtually through WebEx.


IPsoft currently offers three certifications based on its curriculum: the IPcenter Certified Associate (ICA) and Amelia Certified Expert (ACE)* require an in-person Proctored Exam, while the Amelia Certified Professional Certification (ACP) can be achieved via an online multiple-choice exam in IPuniversity.

* In development

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