Analysts Recognize Amelia’s Innovation on the Automation Journey

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Following the success of this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, analysts, thought leaders, and other industry insiders are weighing in on the impact (and potential impact) of Amelia (formerly IPsoft) and its intelligent solutions. David Mayer of NelsonHall offered his expert insights on the event as well as Amelia's AI vision.

Amelia laid out a bold vision for AI at DWS 2018

More than 40 industry analysts attended this year’s Amelia's Digital Workforce Summit in New York. Over the course of the conference and an exclusive analyst day, analysts heard presentations and insights from some of the leading AI practitioners and influencers.

Analysts overall were impressed with the results and success stories reported by Amelia's customers, and with the perspectives from Amelia partners such as Deloitte, Accenture and NTT Communications. Analysts also engaged in interactive debates with the Amelia executive team and CEO Chetan Dube.

Dave Mayer, Principal Analyst at NelsonHall, summarized the two-day event in a recent blog post. Mayer leads NelsonHall’s RPA and Cognitive Services research, covering robotic process automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, cognitive business, and machine learning.

Mayer’s blog discussed the challenges for organizations that are evolving from process automation to intelligent cognitive solutions. They must overcome implementation complexities, gain trust in AI, and be adaptable as AI solutions advance, he said. Amelia's strengths and approaches to these challenges were evident during DWS as customers detailed their existing deployments and implementation results.

AI is rapidly progressing, Mayer noted. “While Amelia is compelling technology (and is performing competently in a variety of settings across multiple industries), the version that Amelia fields in 2025 will likely make today’s version seem almost like ELIZA by comparison, if Dube’s roadmap comes to fruition,” Mayer wrote.

Dube’s vision for Amelia is that she will be the cognitive communication layer for both employees and customers. With Amelia in Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk), she will enable end-to-end automation, facilitating customer service resolutions while carrying out back-office processes to resolve internal IT or HR queries. Amelia will enable businesses to scale operations faster by taking on new roles and capabilities with a simpler training process to deliver fast ROI for organizations. "Time and again, Dube reminded the audience that it is unnecessary to grasp evolved scientific principles in order to take advantage of technologies that use those principles,” Mayer wrote.

Mayer recognized that Amelia is commercially viable today and that Amelia has invested in a long-term roadmap to keep clients’ investments relevant. Amelia has gained the trust of both clients and analysts as a leader in automation, and Dube’s insights were especially appreciated. “He brought a clear challenge to the stage, while at the same time conveying the complexity and capability of Amelia's flagship cognitive products, Amelia and [AIOps], and making them understandable to the audience, in part by framing them in terms of commercial value and ROI,” Mayer wrote.

As the AI market evolves, organizations will look for solutions that can add real business value, solve their day to day issues, provide scale and simplify tasks. Mayer wrote that Amelia's  solutions are ready to take on these challenges, based on what he observed at DWS. “The underlying message, broadly supported by the other presenters at the event, was clearly one of power through simplicity,” he wrote.

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