By Connecting to the Back Office, 1Desk Improves Employee Speed and Performance

By Juan Martinez
July 26, 2018 • 3 minute read

1Desk is a powerful IT operations tool, but it also integrates with back office technology to give employees a new and innovative way to perform basic tasks. Read this article to find out how 1Desk and IPsoft’s cognitive-based digital colleague Amelia transform the back office.

We’ve written at length about 1Desk’s impressive end-to-end IT operations capabilities, as well as its extensive HR functionality. In this piece, we’ll examine how 1Desk integrates with a company’s back-office software to provide a comprehensive tool for all technology-related processes.

To recap, 1Desk is primarily designed to connect IT teams and virtual engineers in a collaborative environment meant to optimize efficiencies. Want to automate password resets? 1Desk can help. Want rapid responses to network downtime? 1Desk can do that too, and more. The goal is to help IT teams fix everything automatically. In the event that 1Desk doesn't have an automation which can address a particular problem, the system will escalate the issue to human workers and recommend a new automation based on observations of their manual efforts. In ideal cases, once IT teams approve an automation, it will be automatically fixed the next time an issue occurs.

IPsoft’s cognitive-based digital colleague Amelia observes every action that takes place in 1Desk. She studies every transaction, interaction, and automation to ensure she’s up-to-speed on what’s happening within the system. It’s an important point, because Amelia is the first interaction your back office employees will have when requesting IT support.

Rather than send an email to the helpdesk, your employees will ask Amelia a question such as, “Amelia can you help me reset my password?” If Amelia has studied the process and understands what to do, an IT worker will never need to be involved in this process. Instead, Amelia will reset the password, a log of the interaction will be created and stored, and everyone can move on to another task.

1Desk and Amelia Simplify Back Office Processes

We designed 1Desk to serve as an enterprise platform that can unify a company’s entire business ecosystem, from help desk to HR, to finance, to e-procurement. Today, workers use disconnected tools to handle different business processes. There’s an HR tool for requesting Paid Time Off. There’s an expense management tool for reimbursement claims. There’s a CRM tool for logging customer calls. Amelia and 1Desk serve as a connection between the front office and the back office.

When integrated end-to-end across IT operations and back-office functions, Amelia is able to answer basic questions whose answers can be found in digital systems (e.g., “How many days off do I have left?”).

Employee: Amelia, has Expense Report 275 been processed?
Amelia: It was processed yesterday. You should receive your reimbursement within two business days.

She can also help front-office workers perform tasks, such as logging vacation days, resetting lost passwords, and sending reminders to colleagues about deadlines.

Employee: Amelia, please request PTO for August 15, 16 and 17.
Amelia: August 17 is a Saturday. Would you like me to request PTO for August 15 and 16?

Amelia can also locate hard-to-find information on back-office policies. Rather than navigating seemingly endless company wikis or handbooks, or having to request information from other administrators, workers can simply ask Amelia. She can pull up basic company information, such as holiday schedules, maternity/paternity leave, or benefits information. She’s also able to locate process-specific information, such as the proper way to set up a corporate VPN, or the company policy for securely sending sensitive financial information. She’s able to ingest and master company handbooks to provide accurate information and feedback to employees. She can even provide personalized information based on an employee’s data.

Employee: How much paternity leave do I qualify for?
Amelia: Because you have only been with the company for 10 months, you qualify for one week of leave. On your one-year anniversary, September 16th, you’ll qualify for eight weeks of leave.

With Amelia and 1Desk, you can help your employees improve how they work, and how they interact with IT, to improve complex and everyday business processes. Your back office employees will be more productive, happier, and less likely to get bogged down by excessive information and time-wasting tasks.


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