DWS 2019: Amelia CEO Advocates for Integrated End-to-End Automation

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CEO Chetan Dube kicked off Digital Workforce Summit 2019 with a clear call to action: Implement integrated end-to-end automation to realize true ROI with AI investments.

IPsoft Digital Workforce Summit

Amelia CEO Chetan Dube today launched this year’s Digital Workforce Summit with a clear message about the current state of automation throughout the enterprise: Existing solutions are failing to deliver ROI, and enterprises need an integrated, end-to-end approach.

“Disparate automation systems marginalize AI gains,” Dube told the assembled crowd of 600 C-level decision makers, executive leaders and AI thought leaders at the Conrad Hotel in New York City. When a business has those disjointed systems, “there is no automation backbone that links all of (an enterprise’s) systems together in a cohesive end-to-end fashion, and that’s why it is minimizing the returns on AI investments,” he said.

Take an Ecosystem Approach

Dube acknowledged that many attendees, as enterprise and IT leaders, are all too familiar with the experience of having so many digital systems that the resulting heterogeneous environment is inherently inefficient, even after adding some automation capabilities. One analyst firm, Dube told attendees, puts the industry average for automation gains in the low single digits.

This inefficiency is due to a variety of factors, including IT ticketing systems that are outmoded and outdated for modern enterprises that have high support and service volumes. Ticket queues build and resolution rates remain low.

“We have to work in an integrated ecosystem in order to harness the power of AI,” he said while referring to Amelia AIOps' (formerly 1Desk) abilities to connect and integrate disparate systems enterprise-wide for the delivery of IT and business services. He also noted that many IPsoft customers such as Vodafone have quickly moved to an AI ecosystem approach to drive greater efficiencies. Overall, customers that make these kinds of changes achieve an efficiency gain of closer to 35%, he said.

AIOps is “the first true end-to-end integrated automation system worldwide for enterprises,” Dube said, as he demonstrated the ease with which new automations between disparate systems can be created with AIOps. The solution uses Amelia, the industry-leading virtual agent, as the front-end intelligent interface for end-users.

The 1Store Experience

Dube said when speaking with enterprise leaders, they often ask if IPsoft can “lower the barrier to entry” when it comes to deploying automation and cognitive AI. To that end, Dube and VP of Emerging Technologies Ergun Ekici showcased 1Store, a unique online digital experience to learn about cognitive agents' roles within the enterprise.

“You want human workers, you go to Indeed.com, LinkedIn, or Monster. You want digital workers, you come to 1Store where you have 672 skilled digital workers that you can hire” across a range of industries, Dube said. “This is not a RPA store; this is not just a back-office automation store…This is the end-to-end store of digital workers that includes that back-office automation, and it’s a very important distinction.”

From the DWS stage, Ekici showed how visitors to 1Store can assess and evaluate Amelia to fill various roles throughout different industries. Ekici demonstrated for example how Amelia can act as a personal banking concierge, transferring money from an account, then checking the account balance in the midst of that transfer, and then completing the transfer without any delay or misunderstanding on her part.

Ekici said Amelia’s abilities to understand language, and to switch and understand context, is what makes her a true conversational AI agent, versus solutions that are strictly scripted according to keywords. “Without context there is no meaning. This is where you can get the value of your (AI) specialist,” Ekici said.

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