DWS 2019 Experience AI Pavilion: Amelia Clients and Partners

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This post features a collection of demos from The Digital Workforce Summit 2019. Included are examples of how Amelia's solutions help companies achieve real world results.

IPsoft Digital Workforce Summit

One of the main purposes of the annual Digital Workforce Summit (DWS) is to bring AI to life. We didn’t just want to discuss AI — we wanted to show AI in action. To do this, we built the DWS Experience AI Pavilion — a collection of booths and displays featuring real-world IPsoft use cases presented by our clients and partners. Unlike other industry events, the Pavilion provided an unprecedented level of hands-on interactivity led entirely by client companies — ones that are using automation and cognitive technologies to make their businesses even better. IPsoft also took the opportunity to demonstrate its own product portfolio (Amelia, IPcenter and AIOps (formerly 1Desk)) and provide audience members with a sneak peak of upcoming products. This is a review of the posts published in a series profiling Pavilion exhibitors.

BNP Paribas

In 2017, BNP Paribas Securities Services began working with IPsoft to develop a cognitive agent for the company’s NeoLink web portal (among other projects). NeoLink provides access to subscribed services for all client segments. In this use case, BNP's digital agent, NOA (“NextGen Online Assistant”), provided on-demand information access for institutional clients regarding the settlement of trades.

During its Experience AI Pavilion demonstration, BNP showcased the ways in which NOA can gather information, send orders into market, find specific documents, research fees, open new accounts and more. The crux of the demo focused on how IPsoft’s platform and NeoLink push and pull information from more than 50 APIs managing hundreds of data points.

Read more about BNP’s demo here.


EHL booth at IPsoft's Digital Workforce Summit

École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the world’s most prestigious hospitality management school based in Switzerland, has deployed Amelia as a digital concierge to help students learn about and book school tours. EHL used its presence at the Experience AI Pavilion to showcase its accomplishments and discuss potential future use cases.

During EHL’s Pavilion demonstration, the school showed DWS attendees how Amelia works as a service agent who can help prospective students find answers to FAQs, as well as book school visits and tours. Amelia supports the student admission process by serving as the first point-of-contact for prospective students. In the past, EHL enabled prospective students to chat with human staff via a conversation box, but the chats were only available during business hours. EHL wanted to provide on-demand information access at all times and without requiring workers to answer the same questions repeatedly.  Additionally, EHL uses Amelia to help manage guest Wi-Fi access and reset student passwords.

Read more about EHL’s demo here.


If you’ve ever wondered how your voice can be used to control cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions such as Amelia, you should engage with IPsoft partner Verbio. The Spanish technology company merges voice and cognitive solutions to improve customer experiences. At the Experience AI Pavilion, Verbio displayed the many ways in which a human voice can be used to drive real-life business processes, both for consumers and internal employees.

During Verbio’s demo, a Verbio representative played the role of a customer calling into his financial services provider. He was greeted by Amelia’s voice: “How may I help you today?” Right away, it’s clear that Amelia’s first utterance is an immediate improvement on traditional automated voice systems. Rather than listing a seemingly endless menu of options, Amelia asked an open-ended question. The Verbio rep responded by saying, “I want my checking account balance,” to which Amelia then requested that the caller enter or speak his account information to continue the interaction.

Read more about Verbio’s demo here.


Bay Area Managed Services Provider Milestone Technologies delivered a wide-ranging demonstration of Amelia’s unique capabilities at the Pavilion. For example, the company showcased Amelia’s ability to serve as a voice-based assistant on the Amazon Echo. Amelia acted as a guided search agent, and as a whisper agent for a digital sales assistant. The provider also showed step-by-step how Amelia could help an executive place a rush order on a new laptop while on-the-road after losing his original device.

Read more about Milestone’s demo here.


GDT presence at the Experience AI Pavilion at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit

GDT is a longtime IPsoft partner that has implemented dozens of IPcenter and Amelia deployments for clients, and that is in the process of transitioning its IPcenter deployments to Amelia AIOps. This migration includes a total replication of IPcenter features and skills, combined with Amelia for front-end service desk interactions and conversations.

During GDT’s Pavilion demonstration, the IT solutions company illustrated the ways in which Amelia can be used to request pre-sales support for sales teams using Salesforce’s CRM solution. A sales professional makes such a request in order to create pre-sales material for an upcoming prospect engagement. The salesperson provides Amelia with the scope of the project, including deadlines and required materials, and identifies the prospect. Amelia searches Salesforce to find an engineer who meets those specifications, then automatically sets up a meeting between the salesperson and the pre-sales engineer.

Read more about GDT’s demo here.

Alvarez & Marsal

Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), a leading global professional services firm, demonstrated to Pavilion attendees how the company worked with an insurance client to adopt IPcenter and revamp its technology ecosystem. Previously, the client under-invested in technology and user experience suffered, with systems failing daily as the result of poor monitoring.

A&M recommended that the client not simply update monitoring, but overhaul its IT. This would produce a higher and more accurate number of monitoring alerts as issues occurred, as well as enable the client to handle the increased volume. IPcenter was able to help the insurance company automate basic resolutions and provide faster resolution times for events that required human intervention.

Read more about A&M’s demo here.


Tek Systems at the Experience AI Pavilion at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit

TEKsystems provides advisory services for companies undergoing digital transformations. The company helps its clients build solutions that fit specific business needs. The firm’s Pavilion demo focused on a healthcare implementation that allows users to converse with Amelia to create and process insurance claims, discuss benefits information, select benefits packages and more.

TEKsystems guided Pavilion attendees through how a user would choose a benefits package. The user first answered basic questions — name, address, marital status, number of dependents, etc. — then answered preference-based questions pertaining to insurance coverage. Amelia collected this information and built a list of benefits package options. Based off of specific personal responses, Amelia presented the user with package highlights that would help the user sort through complex plan information. Once the user selected a plan, Amelia allowed him to register within the user interface.

Read more about TEKsystem’s demo here.


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