DWS 2019 Experience AI Pavilion: Milestone

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Bay Area Managed Services Provider Milestone Technologies delivered a wide-ranging demonstration of Amelia’s unique capabilities during this year’s Digital Workforce Summit.

IPsoft Digital Workforce Summit

One of the main purposes of the annual Digital Workforce Summit (DWS) is to bring AI to life. We didn’t just want to discuss AI — we wanted to show AI in action.

To do this, we built the DWS Experience AI Pavilion — a collection of booths and displays featuring real-world IPsoft use cases presented by our clients and partners. Unlike other industry events, the Pavilion provided an unprecedented level of hands-on interactivity led entirely by client companies — ones that are using automation and cognitive technologies to make their businesses even better. 

Bay Area Managed Services Provider Milestone Technologies delivered a wide-ranging demonstration of Amelia’s unique capabilities at this year’s Experience AI Pavilion. In a collection of demonstrations provided by the IT delivery experts, the company showcased Amelia’s ability to serve as a voice-based assistant on the Amazon Echo. Amelia acted as a guided search agent, and as a whisper agent for a digital sales assistant. The provider also showed step-by-step how Amelia could help an executive place a rush order on a new laptop while on-the-road after losing his original device.

Within these examples of Amelia’s vast skillset, Milestone exhibited some of Amelia’s exceptional characteristics, and why she’s the chosen solution for IPsoft partners like Milestone.

Amelia on the Amazon Echo

In the first demo conducted by Milestone executives, Amelia worked as a virtual assistant through the Amazon Alexa interface. She provided self-service assistance to Milestone clients who need to make changes to their IT environment.

The representative opened the demo by asking Alexa to launch the “Digital Sales Assistant.” Before asking how she can be of service, Amelia asks the user to verify a passcode sent to the user’s mobile device. Once the account is verified, the customer tells Amelia that he would like to add more compute power, and she in turn asks for which project/infrastructure instance that he needs the additional power. He tells Amelia that he’s working on his online store, and she asks him to clarify if he’s working on the online store running on a small T3 Amazon instance. He confirms, and then she asks how many virtual CPUs he’ll need, which is two.

Now that Amelia has all of the information she’ll need to execute the request, she compiles and texts pricing options to the user, who selects the short-term pricing plan. Amelia asks if he would like to run the instance in the Cloud CLI, which he confirms. Amelia informs the user that the task is completed and asks if any additional help is needed.

Amelia as a Guided Search Platform

In the another demo, a sales agent logs onto a sales platform to search for client information. Amelia presents a graph of sales leads that the agent should contact based on recent activity. The agent clicks on a contact and Amelia presents a detailed page with information about the contact that can be readily found online. The agent then asks Amelia to show even more information about the lead. Amelia, with her integration capabilities, pulls information from all connected business systems including Salesforce CRM, and graphical data compiled within the company’s CRM system.

Based on the CRM system data, Amelia prepares a draft email for contacting the targeted leads. She sends the draft email to the agent’s email address, and once it is approved, the agent clicks a button that asks if she would like to “start composing the email.” Within the email is information about the agent, an ability for the customer to schedule a conversation and more. The agent sends the email to the lead, and Amelia then logs the interaction in the CRM system.

Amelia as a Whisper Agent

In this demo, Amelia helps a salesperson prepare for her call with a lead. Amelia pulls web pages, LinkedIn pages and data sent to the lead during previous conversations. The call begins.

During the conversation, the prospective customer asks the salesperson about turning off idle instances within its infrastructure. The sales rep types that question to Amelia in the background while the conversation continues. Amelia then provides a list of steps and presents a link that the salesperson can send to the lead once the call is complete.

The prospect then asks about implementing a cloud messaging service, and once again the sales rep asks Amelia, who provides an in-depth answer about which cloud services are available. Amelia adds a link to the salesperson’s notes in a details tab for a follow-up email. The lead then asks for pricing, which prompts a final question from the sales rep to Amelia, who immediately presents a graphic detailing cloud messaging pricing. The graphic is loaded into the details tab for the salesperson to include in the follow-up email.

The client asks about rest-enabled endpoints (an API). The rep types the question to Amelia, and in this case, Amelia cannot provide a complete answer. Instead, she presents a list of options where the prospect can find that information and loads that data into the details tab as well. Based on the entire conversation, Amelia is able to pull together a follow-up email for the agent from all of the information collected in the details tab.

Amelia as a Complex Procurement Specialist

During a final presentation, a Milestone executive tells Amelia that “he’s in a bad mood because he lost his laptop” on a trip to San Diego. Recognizing his frustration, Amelia apologizes for the trouble, and then sends him a six-digit code to verify his account. When the executive enters the code, Amelia presents his employee device record. As he has three laptops, Amelia presents three options and asks which of the three laptops is lost.

In the midst of this process, he switches contexts and tells her he’s locked out of his account. Without missing a beat, Amelia immediately unlocks the account. She presents the rep with his temporary password and reminds him to change passwords on his next login.

When that process is completed, Amelia asks the Milestone executive if he would like to return to his previous request, which he confirms, and Amelia once again presents the device options. The rep clicks on the item that needs replacing; Amelia asks if he’s still in San Diego and that she can purchase a laptop for him. After he confirms that he’s still in San Diego, Amelia offers him three locations where he can pick up a new device. The rep picks the location, and Amelia places the order.

Throughout each of these conversations, Amelia logs every step of every process for posterity. In the sales assistant demos, Amelia logs information so that the sales team can use it for future interactions with prospects. In the IT-based demos, Amelia logs interactions so that the IT service desk team has insight into what happened.

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