How Amelia AIOps Augments Your CRM Systems

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
March 22, 2019 • 3 minute read

Don’t rely on manual data entry and information transfer between software, with Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk) you can enable your sales and marketing teams to have more meaningful interactions with prospects and customers. Read this article to find out how it works.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers your company a wide variety of ways to capitalize on customer interactions. Unfortunately, the more complex your software ecosystem, the harder it is for your sales and marketing professionals to manage data and execute business processes. Whether tracking leads, monitoring the progress of email marketing campaigns, creating interaction workflows, or simply logging calls, the wide scope of CRM processes can be difficult to navigate for your staff.

This is true of almost any wide-ranging software suite. Expense management, Enterprise Resource Planning, IT operations and CRM tools are designed to connect multiple complex systems and help business users make the most of their data. With so much data stored inside of, and flowing into, a CRM system, it can be difficult for employees to find and use the information they need. Employees may also find that running even the most basic, repetitive processes are too manually driven.

However, there is a better way. By overlaying a CRM system with AIOps, our end-to-end IT autonomic backbone, your company can make CRM processes simpler and powered by larger amounts of data.

AIOps' 1RPA™ Makes Sales and Marketing Teams Faster

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables software bots to mimic human interaction with a CRM system. By working directly with our virtual agent, Amelia™, your sales and marketing teams can build automations without the need to write code or structure data. When new prospects respond to emails, or when you receive a new marketing list from your vendor, this data needs to be transferred directly to your CRM tool, as well as your associated marketing automation, email marketing and analytics tools. If your company isn’t managing this process via automation, you’re wasting precious time and labor on data entry. With 1RPA, you can program this data transfer once and your bot will learn to manage the end-to-end process for you.

1RPA is available as a yearly, per-bot subscription with no fees for additional components, so we don’t charge extra when volume spikes. This means that if your ad campaign exceeds expectations, you don’t need to pay extra to handle the influx of leads. This is true of any repeatable process for which you can create a script — email campaigns, forecasting, task approvals and more.

AIOps Improves Employee Access to Customer Information

Amelia isn’t just a liaison between RPA and employees — she’s also there to provide assistance within any software system integrated into AIOps. Any customer-related question that would traditionally be emailed, phoned or sent via chat can be spoken or typed to Amelia.

Employee: When was the last time we contacted Mike King?

Amelia: Jennifer Scott left a voicemail message two days ago. We also sent an email three weeks ago.

Amelia doesn’t just provide answers; she handles real-life business tasks. With AIOps integrated into all associated CRM systems, Amelia makes it easy to get things done across systems.

Employee: Can we set up a new email message for every lapsed client in Seattle?

Amelia: Of course. What would you like the message to say?

Employee: Can we use the “Welcome Back” template?

Amelia: We can.

Employee: Perfect. Please send me a test email before we send it to the client list.

In this instance, Amelia works within the complex CRM software ecosystem to gather information and perform tasks. She sets up a new marketing message and creates an email based off of a template using an email marketing tool. She works within the CRM system to find lapsed clients. She can then run a report using a marketing analytics tool to tell employees who opened the email, who deleted it and whose email address produced a bounce-back message. Rather than tabbing between software systems in order to build out this basic CRM process, your workers can rely on Amelia to find the information they need and then run the required processes.

AIOps simplifies CRM by enabling AI and automation to handle data retrieval, integration and entry. Rather than relying on your sales and marketing teams to run every process manually for every contact, AIOps allows Amelia and 1RPA to perform basic tasks, which ultimately frees your employees to have in-person, meaningful interactions with customers that in the end can drive revenue.


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