How Amelia AIOps Augments Your Existing Modules

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
February 21, 2019 • 3 minute read

Don’t become overwhelmed by the massive amount of information in your ERP system. Allow Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk) to put AI and automation in charge of scripted processes and data gathering. Read this post to learn more about how AIOps works and how it can simplify your ERP processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is among the most complex business platforms available. Within a single ERP solution, businesses can manage custom business processes, multinational commerce and the supply chain. In addition to traditional ERP processes, organizations integrate external tools, such as Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), expense management, point-of-sale, project management and more.

With so much data stored inside an ERP system, it can be difficult for employees to find the information they need. Because so much happens within an ERP system, it can also be time-consuming for employees to run the basic, repetitive processes that are required. By overlaying an ERP system with AIOps, our end-to-end IT autonomic backbone, your company can solve these and other complex issues.

How AIOps Can Help Improve Speed

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables software bots to mimic human interaction with an ERP system. As AIOps' 1RPA is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’re able to work directly with our virtual agent, Amelia, to build automations without the need to write new code or structure unstructured data. When new orders come into your e-commerce system, information needs to be transferred directly to the supply chain. Is that information passed on through an automation, or is someone manually sending bulk order batches to a supply chain manager via an email? If your business does something similar to the latter, you should look into 1RPA.

1RPA is available as a yearly, per-bot subscription with no fees for additional components, so we don’t charge extra when volume spikes. You can program your inventory management module to automatically trigger a new order if and when product supply gets too low. No matter how many products require a reorder, our bots can run a script to ensure you’re never sold out. This is true of any repeat process for which you can create a script — report creation, data transfer between modules, invoice/bill creation and more.

AIOps Improves Access to Information

Amelia isn’t just a liaison between RPA and employees — she’s also designed to perform tasks and provide data from any software system integrated into AIOps. Any ERP-related question that would traditionally be emailed, phoned or sent via chat can be spoken or typed to Amelia. Even employees who have access to the ERP system can get lost within the system’s complexity and struggle to locate the data they need. With Amelia, employees can speak or type their questions directly.


Employee: Have we sent new material to our West Coast office?

Amelia: We sent new material to our West Coast office three weeks ago.


Amelia doesn’t just provide answers; she handles real-life business tasks. By being integrated with all of your ERP modules, Amelia makes it easy to get things done.


Employee: Can we set up a new order for the West Coast office?

Amelia: I will set up a new order immediately. Would you like to send the same amount of new material as the previous shipment?

Employee: How much did we send?

Amelia: 1 metric ton.

Employee: Yes, perfect.


In short, AIOps provides companies with an easier method of working within the complex and various modules of an ERP system. Rather than tabbing between modules in search of information, sending emails to more knowledgeable employees, or begging IT to build automations via complex code, workers can rely on Amelia to find the information they need and run processes that can be loosely scripted. AIOps simplifies ERP by enabling AI and automation to guide most business processes, leading to greater efficiency and productivity overall.


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