How Amelia AIOps Delivers Benefits for External Customers

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Amelia AIOps' (formerly 1Desk) autonomic framework and advanced AI-powered functionality benefit companies, employees and customers. A more efficient internal operation ultimately benefits an enterprise’s external end-users.

In previous posts, we’ve detailed extensively how AIOps integrates an organization’s digital systems — including both IT operations and shared services — into a single autonomic framework, which supports transactional and cognitive automations across departments. This capability results in efficient internal processes, which directly benefits companies’ bottom lines and employees’ work lives. However, as we review in this post, even external customers can experience substantial benefits when interacting with an enterprise that has deployed AIOps internally.

Insurance and Reliability

When an organization implements AIOps, its customers can be assured that that company’s services will always be available. The platform allows organizations to rapidly mitigate internal IT and service issues that would otherwise impede operations, whether those are the result of natural disasters, technological breakdowns or criminal behavior.

AIOps allows for 24/7 monitoring of digital systems to ensure that they are always working at optimal and expected levels. In the event that AIOps discovers an outage of some kind, it automatically deploys virtual agents to diagnose and address an issue based on a company’s relevant policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

For example, IPvoice is a Unified Communication (UC) management platform within AIOps that automatically maintains an organization’s UC systems, ensuring that no customers will ever face an outage when attempting to engage with a company through chat, video or phone. In the event that the system detects an outage, it will automatically spring into action to address the issue, hopefully before an external customer ever encounters it. Not only can virtual agents mitigate issues with limited-to-no human intermediation, but they can also expand improve at tasks over time through Intelligent Automation powered by advanced Machine Learning (ML).

Whether UC systems, critical financial infrastructure or other Web-based applications, AIOps ensures that connections between internal company employees and systems, and external users and consumers, are always maintained and optimized.

Employees Free to Offer Personalized Service

One of AIOps' most impactful benefits for employees is the automation of repetitive, low-value tasks (in fact, some studies find that 90% of workers are burdened with repetitious tasks). When employees are freed from high-volume, low-level tasks, they can dedicate more of their time to addressing complex or unique customer needs, especially those which require a personalized approach. For example, when an IT department is no longer bogged down with high-volume internal IT issues like password resets or answering basic FAQs, that talent can be used to provide direct support to customers or build superior external-facing digital experiences for consumers.

Automate Access

AIOps comes standard with IPsoft’s industry-leading digital colleague, Amelia. With her unique cognitive AI abilities, Amelia can automate internal engagements between employees and a company’s autonomic framework. For example, an employee can tell or type to Amelia, “I am going to take a vacation day on Tuesday the 15th,” or “I would like to upgrade the RAM in my work laptop” and she will lead them through the required processes. However, Amelia can also be an avenue for external customers to access relevant information in a company’s digital systems.

Amelia can be a standalone external-facing product, or she can be an external-facing branch of AIOps, designed to automate elements of customer engagement. Working as the latter, Amelia can reroute workflows depending on how a company wants to use AIOps to improve external services. For example, Amelia could begin by answering customer FAQs, but the company could integrate her with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory departments to automate direct sales and payments via AIOps functionality.

As business processes are increasingly automated using platforms such as AIOps, companies benefit from improved productivity, employees benefit by experiencing freedom from routine tasks and, finally, external customers benefit through more efficient interactions with AIOps-enabled companies and organizations.


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