Introducing The Essential Guide to Digital Employees

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
March 30, 2020 • 3 minute read

The Essential Guide to Digital Employees is a series of informative deep-dive videos and materials on different aspects of building, deploying and maintaining sophisticated and scalable Digital Employees for the enterprise.

The market is filled with automation systems that are capable of executing repeatable tasks at scale. Unfortunately, most of these solutions are programmed to follow specific steps to achieve a single task over and over again. While these systems provide businesses with much-needed speed and efficiency, they could never accomplish the breadth and complexity of what a human or a Digital Employee could accomplish.

A Digital Employee is a conversational system, powered by AI, that can interact with users through conversation in order to accomplish a wide range of tasks. These systems translate user intents into specific actions based on business needs. Engagements with Digital Employees are particularly powerful when paired with back-end information systems, such as HR and IT operations tools. By connecting Digital Employees to those systems, human workers can access and execute complex automations through spoken or typed commands.

Providing Advice and Insight on Conversational AI

In order to help business leaders navigate an industry as complex as AI, we’ve created a thorough guide reviewing every stage of interest in Conversational AI. The Essential Guide to Digital Employees is a series of informative deep-dive videos and materials on different aspects of building, deploying and maintaining sophisticated and scalable Digital Employees for the enterprise.

In the episodes we will unveil in the upcoming months, we'll introduce users to the concept of Conversational AI. We’ll explain the critical importance of context switching and intent recognition. We’ll analyze the massive trove of metrics that companies can use to measure the success of their Digital Employee implementations.

On the topic of business value, we will discuss use cases where Digital Employees can improve business across multiple dimensions, and help companies establish a foundation for positive ROI and sustainable AI deployments. We will also review subjects such as Digital Employee avatars and AI for the greater good of society.

Digital Employees Are Not Chatbots

Our first episode, which will be joined by others on a regular basis, centers on defining Conversational AI and Digital Employees, training them, and measuring their success. Many of the series’ episodes will draw out what separates Digital Employees from chatbots — and there are many critical differences between the two.

In the simplest terms, AI can learn, grow and improve on its own. Chatbots follow strict scripts and are no more “intelligent” than automated phone systems. Chatbots can only usher users through highly templated interactions, and while they may be able to handle a few basic customer questions, they will still require constant human oversight. This is due to chatbots' inability to decipher idiomatic questions, quickly learn new tasks or handle multi-context requests. If a user asks for feedback or help making a decision, a chatbot will escalate the request to a human worker unless that exact question has been programmed for a response.

While this might be acceptable in limited end-user scenarios, such as responding to scripted FAQs, chatbots cannot automate engagements among a broad pool of users looking for complex information or transactions. When dealing with a large user base, Digital Employees can address a wide spectrum of technical knowledge and speaking styles. Unfortunately, some companies have deployed chatbots while thinking that they’ve actually deployed advanced AI — a mistake that could have long-term negative implications, which is what makes our new series such an important resource.

The Essential Guide to Digital Employees will cover many topics connected to cognitive AI from both a technical and business perspective, leaning on the expert-level advice and best practices from IPsoft and our global client base. We invite you to click here and enjoy the first episode, and register for email updates on future ones.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Conversational AI

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