IT on the Go: How Amelia AIOps Benefits Consumers

By Evan Dashevsky, Senior Writer
March 18, 2019 • 3 minute read

When you add mobile connectivity to an autonomic framework like Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk), you add efficiencies throughout the IT service value chain. While both companies and employees benefit from this paradigm, customers are the ultimate beneficiary of on-the-go IT services.

In a previous post, we detailed the transformative potential for internal IT services through the combination of mobile technology and autonomic frameworks like AIOps. On-the-go IT services directly benefit enterprises through added efficiencies, and provide employees increased access to information and services. However, after all is said and done, external customers may turn out to be the ultimate beneficiaries of this kind of AI-powered model.

No more internal hurdles to external resolutions

On-the-go, on-demand IT allows workers within a company to independently resolve internal IT issues far more quickly than would be previously possible. These time savings are inevitably passed on to consumers.

Imagine this scenario: An employee wakes up for a midnight snack and incidentally checks her phone where she finds an auto-generated notification regarding a sudden unexpected spike in web traffic. With on-the-go IT, she can easily access AIOps remotely through her device to allocate new server resources, which will ensure the site continues to load properly for users. This ease of IT management ensures that a company’s operations are working at a high degree of efficiency, regardless of whether employees are in the office.

Furthermore, AIOps' autonomic functionality ensures that internal IT services will always be operating at full capacity, often proactively fixing issues before they impact operations. This means that no internal IT issues will impede the services you provide to customers.

Enhanced On-Site IT Management

When workers provide on-site services to customers, on-the-go IT provides them with access to their organization’s entire autonomic framework through their mobile device. This means employees would be able to tap into up-to-date information and relevant digital services through their mobiles, and provide quicker and higher-quality customer service.

This ease of access will be valuable to experienced workers as well as newer employees, even those with little detailed knowledge of how internal systems actually operate. Employers can therefore assign more on-site workers from a larger pool to provide services, rather than limiting access to a specific set of employees. A shortage of available talent will never impact consumer services.

AIOps is a complex system, but workers are able to access complex functions through the intuitive conversational interface provided by AmeliaTM, our virtual agent who comes standard with the AIOps platform. Amelia allows any worker to access complex tasks and locate information even if they don’t exactly understand how it all works. As IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube has said, AIOps represents “a significant opportunity to disintermediate IT. By cognitive layering on top of the autonomic backbone, we can make IT become the same as learning Michael Faraday's principle of induction to turn on the light switch. Do we really need to know the principles of induction so that we can turn on the switch?”

In short, on-demand mobile IT services enable workers to tackle customer needs remotely with limited training or experience. Not only can enterprises draw from a larger employment pool, but those workers can get up to speed far more quickly. With AIOps/Amelia, customers can be assured that a large workforce is ready to meet their on-site needs in an on-demand manner.

Direct Amelia Interactions

The model described above could be extended one step further and provide a customer-facing Amelia instance connected to AIOps that would give consumers direct access to information and automated workflows that exist within the company’s digital backend systems. Much or all of this activity could occur with little-to-no human intermediation, only in those instances when the platform exhausts all available options and needs to escalate to a human colleague. Enterprises may choose to add an additional external-facing Amelia instance, which can provide assistance directly to customers on specific IT tasks.

AIOps delivers a massive amount of efficiency all along a company’s value chain, but AIOps' real impact can be just as pronounced for customers who will have increased access to experienced workers delivering direct resolutions.


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