It’s Good to Be King: Our Autonomics Leadership

By Evan Dashevsky, Senior Writer
May 3, 2018 • 3 minute read

Amelia has been leading the way in autonomics and enterprise AI systems for nearly 20 years – and we’re just getting started. As we combine autonomic infrastructure with advanced digital colleagues like Amelia, we will radically change how the world does business.

Powerful autonomic solutions like Amelia lead the way

To compete in today’s market, it’s not enough for companies to merely embrace digital technologies, they need to implement autonomic solutions. Just as the autonomic nervous system in the body allows people to go about their day without thinking about every breath or heartbeat, autonomics allow enterprise systems to self-manage and self-optimize without direct human mediation. By offloading workloads to automation, companies can lower overhead, increase productivity, and mitigate risks. At IPsoft, we’ve been developing autonomics solutions for the nearly two decades, and our leadership in this space is recognized by customers and analysts alike.

“Automation is a truly disruptive force in today’s enterprise IT world. IPsoft has been a front-runner in the IT operations automation space and has built strong enterprise mindshare through years of large scale automation deployments,” said Chirajeet Sengupta from the Everest Group. “Clients have appreciated the vast library of prebuilt automations offered by IPcenter as well as IPsoft’s focus on showcasing tangible ROI through a robust business value model.”

When companies embed autonomic functionality into their organization, they streamline business practices to bring about unprecedented levels of efficiency.  However, this is only the beginning of what autonomics can accomplish in the enterprise space. The next chapter in autonomics will use artificial intelligence (AI) to unify expansive enterprise systems – from back office to front – into a coherent whole. This is a goal we have pursued for several years, and is reflected in our 1Desk platform – which includes our cognitive AI agent Amelia – for unified, enterprise-wide shared services.

A peek beyond the horizon of autonomic AI

The future of business productivity will be delivered via the combination of autonomic solutions working with digital colleagues (like Amelia), which are far more adept than mere chatbots and more versatile than virtual engineers. As HfS Research says, cognitive technologies are “the digital glue” between the front and back offices. To put it another way: Autonomic technologies streamline and unify a company into a single hyper-efficient entity; a digital colleague gives that entity an intelligent user interface (UI) and an ability to learn and improve as time goes on.

When Amelia is the front end to an autonomic-centric system like 1Desk, an employee can literally tell the system “please forward all my calls to my cell phone for the rest of the day.” Thanks to autonomics, this complex multi-part task was combined into a single action; and thanks to the digital colleague, anyone in the company was able to access this function, regardless of technical prowess, thanks to Amelia’s conversational and language abilities.

Autonomic technologies streamline and unify a company into a single hyper-efficient entity; a digital colleague gives that entity an intelligent user interface (UI) and an ability to learn and improve as time goes on.

Furthermore, Amelia’s machine learning (ML) capabilities allow her to improve and anticipate user needs. To take the above example a step further, if Amelia notices that the same employee asks for their office phone to be forwarded to their mobile every Friday when working from home, she might notice a pattern and automatically schedule a recurring voice forwarding set-up. The autonomic backbone simplifies a complex process; the digital colleague streamlines the interface.

“IPsoft enables its customers to automate IT and business processes across a range of industries, by using its autonomic and cognitive portfolio of learning, contextual awareness, conversational intelligence, advanced analytics and smart workflow. Amelia's ML and continuous learning capabilities allow it observe and learn from customer interactions,” according to Gartner Research. “Amelia is used for customer service in the banking and insurance verticals, and is also used in IT service desk use cases for improving employee productivity.”

With each new autonomic breakthrough comes increased potential for business impact. IPsoft is one of the pioneers of the autonomics market. We continue to invest in our product portfolio to deliver new levels of innovation and value to enterprise customers – and we’re just getting started.

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