It’s Time for Telecom Companies to Go All In On AI

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Differentiate your telecom company with delightful customer and employee experiences, powered by Conversational AI and intelligent automation.

The telecommunications (telecom) industry is well-positioned to experience significant gains from artificial intelligence and automation. According to Allied Market Research (via Microsoft), by 2031, the global AI in telecom market is expected to reach nearly $38.8 billion.

Despite these projections, most traditional operators have not yet fully immersed themselves in the world of AI. Although many providers have invested, or plan to invest, in this technology, research from McKinsey states that most AI models from telecom companies “are developed once and not enhanced as the business context evolves.”

Given the current challenges that plague the telecom industry, such as increased commoditization and customer churn, as well as falling short of customers’ expectations for superior digital experiences, now is the time for operators to invest in a holistic AI strategy that will help them differentiate their services and retain customers.

A Holistic Approach to AI in Telecommunications

Operators must go beyond simply improving front-end experiences or optimizing back-office operations, as is often done by many telecom companies. While ad hoc transformations may have short-term gains, they often contribute to increasingly disconnected user experiences.

To truly differentiate services, attract new clients and retain loyal customers, operators must take a holistic approach to transformation. This means deploying AI across all touchpoints of the customer journey, allowing data to seamlessly flow between customers, employees and enterprise systems.

While many telecom companies have invested in chatbots and interactive voice response (IVR) systems over the years, these technologies are limited in their ability to connect with back-end infrastructure and communicate using natural language. Recent advancements in Large Language Models like OpenAI’s GPT have improved upon the latter limitation, providing increasingly natural-sounding responses to user inquiries. However, LLMs do not inherently integrate with enterprise systems and tools, which hinders information from flowing freely from conversations to backend infrastructure.

By comparison, our market-leading enterprise AI platforms help telecom companies transform both customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Amelia, our Conversational AI platform, has out-of-the-box integrations to collect data and push the results of customer interactions into key business systems, which ensures that information is accurate and available to all stakeholders across every channels. Amelia also comes with an extensive integration framework that allows business users to create new integrations with ease.

By deploying Amelia for customer-facing services, operators reduce friction points and drive increased satisfaction. For example, when a customer calls to add another person to their phone plan and to purchase a new phone, Amelia is equipped to handle this multi-intent request from end to end. After verifying the caller, Amelia would explore plan options based on the customer’s existing plan, add the new phone line, and initiate the process for shipping the new phone to the customer’s home address.

In addition, telecom companies leverage Amelia’s service desk expertise to support their workforce with immediate IT resolutions. As an IT service desk agent, Amelia is pre-trained to resolve more than 400 unique tasks, from simple password resets to Wi-Fi configuration and troubleshooting. As the first point of contact for IT support, telecom companies enable their employees to operate at peak productivity.

Amelia also offers more than just extraordinary front-end experiences. Our AIOps platform is an end-to-end intelligent automation and management solution for IT Operations. When our AIOps platform detects a system anomaly, it alerts human engineers of the issue, observes how the issue is resolved and creates an automated workflow to address the problem in the future. By leveraging AIOps to automate IT system fixes, operators deliver more reliable service, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Implementing a holistic AI strategy that leverages Conversational AI for customer and employee support, as well as intelligent automation for IT ops, will help telecom companies differentiate themselves in today’s competitive market by delighting customers with the high-quality experiences they expect and deserve.

The future of telecommunications is calling… and it’s time to pick up.

The AI-Powered Telecom Company

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