Digital Workforce Summit 2019

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Through AI, we will realize new forms of business value, and experience AI’s ability to transform the business-as-usual.

IPsoft's Digital Workforce Summit (DWS) is the premier gathering for top business decision-makers, industry thought leaders and other visionaries. DWS attendees will be invited to explore the far-reaching impact of automation and cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the enterprise, the culture and the world at large.

A Legacy of Innovation

At DWS, attendees will be able to preview the latest AI innovations and listen to insightful conversations about how they have been (or soon will be) applied. As such, DWS draws a wide spectrum of speakers and participants.

Last year’s DWS included a presentation from best-selling author and futurist Max Tegmark about the disruptive potential of AI, as well as a session with Global Citizen co-founder Simon Moss, who detailed how AI can be used for the common good. Attendees were treated to insights from representatives of the World Bank, United Nations and even the Vatican about the transformative potential of AI on the world.

Aside from the theoretical or future impact of these ascendant technologies, DWS always features inside perspectives from decision makers at the world’s most innovative enterprises. Last year, several of these pioneers shared the lessons learned from their AI journeys, and how they are using these technologies to optimize their organizations and amplify their workforce right now.

You can read a run-down of last year’s event here. As valuable as past DWS events have been, DWS 2019 promises to be even better.

Experience AI's True Business Value

This year's event will showcase the immense opportunity presented by AI within corporations and society at large, and it is reflected in the event’s agenda of speaker presentations, keynotes and collaborative sessions.

Through AI, we will realize new forms of business value, and experience AI’s ability to transform the business-as-usual. We will see a true return on AI investments in multiple ways, and find new methods of working and interacting with each other. Ultimately, we will experience through AI the capacity of our own talents and imaginations so that we may contribute to a smarter and brighter future.

New for 2019

  • Expanded speaker lineup
  • The AI Experience Pavilion: Demonstrating how AI pioneers deliver business value
  • Breakout sessions & workshops focused on AI strategy, delivery and implementation
  • Networking opportunities: Learn how other attendees are realizing AI potential

The third annual DWS will take place on Wednesday May 8, 2019 at the Conrad Hotel in New York City. Be sure to reserve your space for DWS 2019 here. Be sure to watch the official DWS page for updates regarding speakers, workshops and other events.

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