SEB Recognized for its Pioneering Work with Amelia

By Evan Dashevsky, Senior Writer
November 8, 2018 • 2 minute read

Global technology consulting firm BearingPoint recently named SEB as Sweden’s top bank for digital customer service. BearingPoint recognized the bank’s pioneering work implementing IPsoft’s industry-leading digital colleague, Amelia, to automate many customer-facing inquiries and services.

As part of its fourth annual Digital Leaders in Sweden report (PDF), global technology consulting firm BearingPoint named SEB the top Swedish bank for digital customer service, thanks in part to their pioneering work with IPsoft’s industry-leading digital colleague Amelia. The report “assesses companies’ maturity in digital customer interaction and how well they serve their customers through digital channels.” According to BearingPoint partner Louise von Blixen-Finecke, SEB in particular “has really improved in what we call e-commerce, the process when customers connect to the bank, and in the digital customer experience."

In 2016, SEB hired Amelia to automate many internal IT service tasks for its 14,000-plus workforce such as unlocking Active Directory accounts and answering FAQs. Following a successful internal implementation, the bank expanded Amelia’s scope to customer-facing activities. Amelia was soon providing services to millions of customers, which they could access through a Swedish-language conversational interface. Amelia successfully automated many functions such as branch location inquiries, password resets for online accounts, and troubleshooting problems with credit and debit cards. Her abilities have since expanded to additional tasks such as ID verification questioning.

In her customer-facing role, Amelia has achieved a 90% accuracy rate in understanding and completing tasks. In addition to improving customer service with 24/7 accessibility through multiple channels, the implementation has improved internal employee satisfaction as agents can focus on higher value tasks and projects.

This is not the first time SEB has been recognized for its innovation. Constellation Research last year awarded Nicolas Moch, Head of Information, Architecture and Strategy for SEB, the Supernova Award in the category of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Humanity. “It’s important to think of the implementation process of cutting-edge technology as a learning journey first. Start with small, targeted use cases and generate some quick wins to begin garnering the support of your organization as a whole,” Moch said at the time. “Our main objective with Amelia was to create a brand new channel where customers could have their inquiries resolved as quickly and effectively as possible on their own time.”

IPsoft congratulates SEB on being recognized by BearingPoint for its pioneering work using Amelia to automate the customer experience.


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