Speak and Be Heard: The Conversational Power of AIOps and Amelia

By Evan Dashevsky, Senior Writer
March 21, 2019 • 3 minute read

At this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, attendees will hear first-hand insights regarding the potential for transformation that is realized through the combination of an autonomic platform like Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk) with a Conversational AI solution like Amelia.

IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitAt this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS) in NYC, attendees will hear live presentations from enterprise decision makers who have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment, automate and optimize their operations (confirmed speakers include executives from Becton Dickinson, Telefonica, and Indeed.com, with more to come).

The event will serve as an invaluable source of information for those looking to learn more about real-life AI implementations. Many enterprises are at a critical juncture, as there is an ever-widening gap between the AI-haves and the AI-have-nots. Consider a 2018 survey from McKinsey in which 47% of respondents reported having already started implementing AI in their businesses – a sizeable jump from 20% just a year earlier. The good news for companies just beginning their AI journeys is that they have access to advanced AI solutions that combine multiple forms of automation, which can help them to realize ROI more quickly.

AIOps, for example, is a comprehensive autonomic framework, which supports intelligent workflows across multiple business systems. However, a key feature for AIOps is its ability to open these automations to all business users, regardless of department or technical experience. This is why AIOps comes with AmeliaTM, IPsoft’s industry-leading virtual agent who provides users access to the AIOps framework through her intuitive conversational interface.

In addition to hearing insights from the AI innovators, DWS attendees will have the opportunity to experience immersive demonstrations of AIOps and Amelia, showcasing how this potent combination of autonomics and conversational AI can reinvent business. Let’s review how.

Why Autonomics for Enterprises?

First, let’s discuss some of the business potential of autonomics. The term autonomics is inspired by the autonomic nervous system in the human body, which maintains vital biological functions (heartbeats, breathing, digestion, etc.) without the conscious mind’s intermediation. Autonomic digital systems offer analogous functionality in that they maintain vital business functions without any direct intermediation from human employees.

AIOps can automate complex business processes across multiple systems and departments. A basic example: In a traditional scenario, the onboarding of a new employee would involve multiple tasks, departments and colleagues for each new hire. With AIOps, a single human resources employee can onboard multiple new employees with one system, through one interface (e.g., reserve workspaces from facilities, set up direct deposits with payroll, and secure application authorizations with IT).

AIOps can augment the process further by “intelligently” making (or recommending) decisions to be applied in specific instances, such as reserving a workspace for a new employee in close physical proximity to their manager. Similar efficiencies can be achieved in the offboarding process; one major telco used AIOps' 1RPA technology to reinvent those procedures.

Why Conversational AI?

Various technologies allow humans to “talk” directly to digital systems, but until recently, they’ve collectively fallen short of enterprise standards. Rudimentary chatbots, which have been available for years, react to very specific phraseology and as a result deliver very frustrating user experiences. Advanced intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) like Amelia are able to react to a wide spectrum of user utterances, including ones they haven’t been trained to anticipate. This versatility allows IVAs to translate users’ words into action, thereby lowering barriers to access, so a new employee can begin utilizing a company’s digital resources on their first day.

Bring It All Together

The true value of AIOps' automations are fully realized when non-technical users are able to use and create them. With Amelia, any user can easily access the AIOps solution regardless of training or department. That means, for example, any employee can submit a ticket to IT without relying on IT employees or learning the nuances of the inventory management system. This user independence, in turn, also frees an IT support team to work on more complex projects rather than assisting coworkers with rote requests:

User: Amelia, my laptop is broken and I need a new one immediately.

Amelia: I’m sorry to hear that. I will create a new ticket and label it as high importance.

Amelia also gives all users the ability to create new workflows and automations without any coding experience. AIOps uses Amelia to support advanced Intelligent Automation (IA) functionality, which simplifies the automation-creation process to a conversation:

HR Manager: Amelia, please send every current employee an email at the beginning of each quarter with their available PTO and sick days.

Amelia: I have sent a sample email to your account. Please confirm the format and I will schedule an automated internal quarterly email campaign moving forward.

This post only scratches the surface of the transformative power of AIOps and Amelia. To learn more, be sure to join us on May 8th in NYC at DWS 2019 for more vital insights. Attendance to DWS is free, but all attendees are strongly encouraged to reserve their spot beforehand to ensure admittance. Click the link below for more information.

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