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End-to-end technology doesn’t have to end with IT operations. With Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk), you can take a holistic approach to your entire technology ecosystem. Read this article to learn more.

Several major IT operations companies claim to have an end-to-end solution. Like IPsoft’s AIOps, those products apply data and automation to IT tasks, from the content management database to monitoring, to ticketing, to automated problem-solving. However, these are IT operations table-stakes. What no other company even claims to offer is AIOps' ability to integrate IT operations with back-office systems and provide an end-to-end technology ecosystem across an entire business.

Here’s what end-to-end means to IPsoft: We designed Amelia AIOps to serve as an enterprise platform that can span a company’s entire ecosystem, from CRM to ERP, to accounting, to recruitment, and beyond. In traditional companies, employees use disconnected tools to handle business processes. There’s a CRM tool for logging interactions with clients. There’s a recruitment tool for choosing new staffers. There’s an email marketing tool for contacting prospects. AIOps serves as the autonomous backbone connecting the front office and the back office to handle all of these functions a unified way.

End-to-End with Cognitive AI

When integrated end-to-end across IT operations and back-office functions, IPsoft’s digital colleague, Amelia, is able to answer basic questions whose answers can be found in digital systems (e.g., “When was the last time I contacted Mr. Vanderbilt?”). Instead of opening a CRM system, searching for Mr. Vanderbilt’s account, and tabbing through interaction logs, employees can simply ask Amelia.

She can also help workers perform tasks such as logging vacation days, resetting lost passwords, and sending reminders to colleagues about deadlines. Amelia can also locate hard-to-find information on back-office policies. Rather than navigating seemingly endless company wikis or handbooks, or having to request information from other administrators, workers can take their questions to Amelia. She can pull up basic company information such as holiday schedules, maternity and paternity leave policies, or benefits information. She’s also able to locate process-specific information, such as the proper way to set up a corporate VPN, or the company policy for securely sending sensitive financial information. She’s able to ingest and master company handbooks to provide accurate information and feedback to employees. She can even provide personalized information based on an employee’s data.

AIOps removes time-consuming manual IT processes by letting employees serve themselves. By removing steps and disintermediating IT operations with the platform’s end-to-end approach, employees are empowered to take control of their own needs and services from start to finish. Additionally, you achieve real value in actionable, cross-system data. Clean, aligned data is much harder to get when working with multiple cloistered systems. With clean data, you get better analytics, which drives continuous improvement. Unfortunately, most companies choose best-of-breed solutions for tools that don’t integrate well. AIOps solves this problem.

End-to-End Learning

Another important aspect of AIOps is that it learns and grows the more your employees use the system. You’re not connecting all of your solutions to a tool that will be outdated in a couple of years. Instead, AIOps is designed as a learning system by observing what human engineers are doing to remediate a problem. So every single time a ticket is closed manually, AIOps generates a new ticket with as much information as possible, so it can be analyzed and correlated with previously resolved issues. Now the team responsible for permanently fixing the issues have actionable information to build or rebuild intelligent automations. If there are questions, the team can always contact the operations engineer that initially resolved the issue and get any additional insight. The goal is that every manually performed resolution is recorded, analyzed, and utilized to build new automations —even on the back office/shared services side of AIOps. The key here is a closed loop for continuous improvement, using all the data collected for analytics and insight.

Many vendors talk about end-to-end, but they don’t think about how the back office fits into IT operations. With AIOps, we’ve examined every technology touchpoint and discovered a way to bring everything under one hood in order to improve productivity, speed, intelligence and employee satisfaction.


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