When is Your Business Ready for Amelia AIOps? Right Now

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If you have rote processes, too many errors, and disconnected systems within your business, then your company is ready to implement Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk). Let autonomics turn your tired and inefficient business processes into end-to-end automated systems. Read this post to learn how.

IPsoft Digital Workforce SummitAs you walk the exhibitors’ pavilion at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS) on May 8, or engage with presenters and other attendees, you may find yourself wondering: Would AIOps work for my business? No matter who you are or where you work, the answer is a resounding yes. AIOps is a complete reinvention of modern IT operations, as well as a rethink of how shared services are delivered, so at first it may seem like an overwhelming proposition to implement. While the concept behind AIOps may seem somewhat complex, the solution itself actually makes for simpler business processes. And couldn’t your business, or really every business, use a little more simplicity?

In this post, we’ll examine critical elements of AIOps, why your business is already primed for an implementation and how AIOps will improve your processes. If you’re attending DWS (and we would encourage you to register for free using the link below if you have yet to do so), keep this information handy, and be sure to stop and chat with IPsoft clients or team members, and ask them how AIOps can help your business run better.

Fewer Manual Processes, Fewer Errors

One factor that should spur any business to implement AIOps is the seemingly endless backlog of low-value business processes that inhabit most organizations. Simple tasks — retrieving deleted emails, granting Wi-Fi access to visitors, onboarding new employees, etc. — all take precious time away from employees who are capable of performing more important tasks.

Some employees within companies are dedicated full-time to handling these rote processes and issues, or to clearing backlogs of process issues and service requests — leaving higher-value work as a lower priority. This cycle is not only inefficient for the organization, but it creates a demanding work environment for employees, which can lead to higher turnover as workers deal with burnout or leave for other more satisfying opportunities.

AIOps and Amelia, the system’s cognitive agent, automatically resolve tasks. Amelia frees workers from redundant jobs, thereby giving them more time to do quality work, and ensures that automated tasks are done with machine-level accuracy. Humans make mistakes; machines don’t (unless a human programs them poorly). If this sounds like your company, and if it would benefit from greater levels of automation and accuracy, it’s ready for AIOps.

System Chaos

AIOps integrates all of your IT management solutions under one end-to-end ecosystem. This allows you to monitor and adjust everything that occurs within your IT environment from one interface, and plan automations based on the fastest path to resolutions through comprehensive workflows.

By building an autonomic backbone between siloed systems, your company can be more productive across lines of business. For example, when a new hire is entered into an existing HR system such as Workday, an automation within AIOps could automatically procure new system login credentials through ServiceNow as well as designate a laptop for the employee in IPcenter. Your existing platforms remain in place, but automated workflows connect them into a larger operation and lead to increased systemwide efficiencies. If your organization is struggling to achieve this kind of end-to-end synchronization, AIOps is an optimal solution for your business.

A Single Conversational Interface

Every company in the world, no matter how innovative, can benefit from Amelia. As she’s the cognitive layer that sits on top of the integrated systems in AIOps, she frees your front- and back-office workers from having to navigate dozens of corporate systems. Instead, workers can directly ask Amelia to book vacation days, file expenses, retrieve deleted passwords, reboot databases, run diagnostics checks and more.

When you implement AIOps, Amelia becomes the only interface that your employees need to access various services. They can simply type or speak a request to Amelia and she’s ready to help. If she can’t handle a process entirely on her own, she’ll ask human colleagues to help complete the task. Think of the hours that HR employees will save by not having to respond to emails about company policies. Think of how many hours IT staff will recoup by letting Amelia and AIOps handle Wi-Fi access issues. These everyday interactions add up to days and weeks of wasted time each year. Think about how your business would benefit by redirecting that time to more important work and projects.

Join us at this year’s DWS to hear more about how AIOps can benefit your business, and why you may be ready for the solution sooner than you think. Click on the link below to reserve your spot today.

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