Your Employees Will Thank You for Amelia AIOps

By Juan Martinez, Senior Writer
November 5, 2018 • 3 minute read

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk) makes workers’ lives easier and allows them to focus on the jobs they were hired to do. For that, they’ll thank you.

Employees usually don’t thank you for deploying an IT operations platform within your company. We believe implementing AIOps is different. What we’ve created is an end-to-end system that allows workers to focus on their jobs, rather than trying to remember system passwords, or company policies, or the best way to get something printed. With AIOps, we’ve taken the latency out of basic IT and back office processes, and empowered your employees to get everything they need immediately – and we suspect your employees will be grateful for the time AIOps will save them.

AIOps is designed to connect IT teams and virtual engineers in a collaborative environment. Want to automate password resets? AIOps can help. Want to respond to network downtime? AIOps can do that too. The goal is to help IT teams fix everything automatically, and if human engineers are required to be involved, the system monitors, learns and extracts data from their manual efforts.

But what about the back office worker — those in HR, finance, marketing, and other non-IT employees? These employees work inside digital systems that could also benefit from automation and simplification. Don’t they deserve something for which to be thankful?

IPsoft’s Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) digital colleague, Amelia, is the first interaction your back office employees will have when requesting IT support through AIOps. Rather than send an email to a helpdesk, or open a new web browser tab, users will type or speak a message directly to Amelia. This means the end of helpdesk emails, lengthy ticketing processes, and unnecessary tabbing between enterprise systems. Your IT environment will be accessible via one interface.

AIOps spans all of the digital tools your back office employees use to help them do their jobs. Helpdesk software, HR software, finance and e-procurement tools — all of your digital systems are connected through AIOps to help employees get faster access to information and solutions.

EmployeeAmelia, can we please move John Smith from “candidate” status to “offer a position?”
Amelia: Yes. Would you like me to help you create an offer letter?

Amelia can also locate hard-to-find information on back office policies. Rather than navigating endless company shared files, or having to request information from other administrators, workers can simply ask Amelia. She can pull up basic company information, such as holiday schedules, maternity and paternity leave, and benefits information. She’s also able to locate process-specific information, such as the proper way to set up a corporate VPN, or the company policy for securely sending sensitive financial information.

Amelia is also able to serve as a whisper agent who sits alongside employees as they help coworkers, or as they provide service to customers. If someone calls into the service desk asking what the process is for installing new software onto a company laptop, the employee who fields the call might not know the procedure by memory. Rather than searching for answers, he or she can simply ask Amelia the question. The caller never needs to be put on hold, the service employee gains new knowledge or gets an information refresh, and everyone gets the resolution they need in seconds.

Service Desk AgentAmelia, can John Smith install Dropbox on his company laptop?
AmeliaYes. Please send him the following link to show him how to do it according to our security standards and corporate policies.

With this level of immediacy and efficiency, your employees will be able to avoid endless tabbing from one webpage to another, or the constant page-turning while trying to scan corporate handbooks. AIOps and Amelia take the simple, rote, and arduous administrative tasks out of your employees’ hands and frees them to do the work they were actually hired to do. We think that’s worthy of a “thank you.”

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