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Conversational AI

Global enterprises trust our market-leading Conversational AI platform to enhance customer experiences, empower employees, reduce operating costs and increase overall efficiency.

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What Is Amelia Conversational AI?

Our enterprise Conversational AI platform offers cutting-edge technology backed by years of innovation and proven experience to drive positive customer outcomes.

Say Goodbye to Bots, and Hello to Conversational AI

Simple chatbots, based on rudimentary decision trees, do not deliver the level of intelligent conversations required for enterprise use.

In contrast, our Conversational AI platform has advanced natural language understanding, multi-intent recognition and extensive integration capabilities to provide customers and employees with immediate and personalized resolutions across all service channels.

Take Advantage of Self-Learning

Our Conversational AI platform learns from every interaction and from observing how human employees handle escalations, helping our enterprise clients to continuously improve their customer and employee experiences.

In addition, our platform leverages its analytics capabilities to make suggestions based on real interactions and business processes, driving improvements in intent recognition, abandonment and escalation rates.

Leverage Built-In Intelligence

Unlike chatbots and other digital agent solutions, our Conversational AI platform is equipped with built-in intelligence, including contextual understanding of common industry-specific requests and conversational dialog acts like "hold on a minute."

Our platform's out-of-the-box intelligence drastically reduces the development stage of successful deployments, allowing businesses to accelerate their time-to-value.

Design with No Code

Our platform's no-code Digital Employee Builder capability is designed to help business users with limited technical experience create new Digital Employees. Business users can ask Amelia, the Conversational AI agent, for suggestions and guidance with creating new roles and skills, and with incorporating APIs, RPAs and visual components.

With our Digital Employee Builder, subject matter experts can leverage their 'boots-on-the-ground' perspective to build use cases that address their organization's most critical needs.

A Beginner's Guide to Conversational AI

Crossing the bridge between chatbots and real Conversational AI requires, at the very least, a fuller understanding of how the technology works and its potential business value.

True Conversational AI is far more versatile than rudimentary chatbots that have been available in the market for years. In this white paper, A Beginner's Guide to Conversational AI, we provide points of consideration for companies pursuing a near- or long-term technology strategy that includes the use of Conversational AI.

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Our Conversational AI Differentiators

  • Speaks Your Language

    Our Conversational AI platform can be trained to speak more than 100 languages via voice and chat to create positive experiences for every customer.

  • Learns Your Business Logic

    We use the Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 specification to model our enterprise clients' business processes, ensuring that our platform never strays off course.

  • Understands Context

    During live conversations, our platform uses its appropriate knowledge engines to keep dialogue fluid and help customers reach their goals faster.

Client Success Stories

Leading enterprises across various industries have deployed our Conversational AI platform to transform customer and employee experiences.

Recognized for Industry Leadership

Amelia is consistently recognized by third-party analyst firms for industry leadership in Conversational AI, vertical expertise and innovation. Don't take our word for it — review our analyst recognitions from the past several years.

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