Amelia Prevents Fraud for Online Gaming Company

November 1, 2017 • 2 minute read

Read about how Amelia is being deployed as a customer service agent meant to detect potential phishers.

  • Challenge

    To block phishing attacks during user authentication processes while maintaining a high quality customer experience.

  • Solution

    Amelia was hired to serve as the first line of customer support in order to identify and authenticate users.

  • Results

    Amelia reduced the average authentication process from 10 minutes with a human to only three minutes. On a weekly basis, Amelia handles just under 10,000 conversations. She follows the correct line of questioning with over 99% accuracy. Approximately 4% of total chats were found to be phishers and Amelia so far has saved more than 100 hours of wasted labor.

Online gaming companies often have to deal with fraud attacks from impostors who attempt to access the accounts of genuine players. Most common of all are phishing scams directed at live chat agents who provide support to players. One of the largest global gaming companies is
incorporating Amelia into its team in order to block the phishing attacks while maintaining a high quality customer experience.

The average chat contact with a gamer lasts between 12 and 20 minutes. Up to 10 of those minutes are spent on account verification at the start of the conversation. It’s during this period of initial contact that certain questions and responses can fool a human agent into giving a “phisher” sensitive gamer account information. The gaming company sought to improve player verification, increase customer service responsiveness and speed up the verification process to provide gamers with better quality service.

Several AI solutions were considered before the gaming company chose Amelia. There were several reasons why she was seen as the best fit. Firstly, the fact that non-IT staff were able to train Amelia on the knowledge required and keep tweaking her knowledge based on observations of her live dialogue was key. This meant that those who know the content best are able to impact Amelia’s performance. Also, the company was impressed by the fact that Amelia could interpret and display an understanding of the customers’ emotions, allowing her to provide a better experience that is in line with the company’s brand values.

Since implementation, the gaming company has been encouraged by Amelia’s early performance. She has been able to bring down the average chat time to 3 minutes all the while ramping up the amount of chats she handles on a weekly basis from 190 initially to just under 10,000 conversations. She’s proven adept at blocking phishing attacks, following the correct line of questioning with over 99% accuracy. With Amelia,
approximately 4% of total chats were found to be phishers and so far has saved more than 100 hours of wasted labor. Moreover, Amelia’s customer satisfaction levels have risen each week since the initial rollout and have now reached 88.06%. These metrics are a testament to Amelia’s capacity to continually enhance the quality of her interactions with end-users through supervised machine learning.


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