Aveanna Healthcare Improves Employee Experiences with Amelia

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Amelia provides Aveanna’s employees with 24/7 support in its call center.

  • Challenge

    Aveanna’s support staff was overburdened by repetitive internal requests, which slowed down response times and affected caregivers’ ability to dedicate the proper amount of time to patient care.

  • Solution

    The home healthcare company hired Amelia to handle the high volume of employee password reset requests, user authentication tasks and more.

  • Results

    Amelia handles more than 560 conversations every day and can resolve 97% of employees’ requests through Aveanna’s Workday portal and chat.

Aveanna Healthcare is a Pediatric and Adult Home Health provider providing patient care as well as medical equipment and therapy to patients across 30 U.S. states. The provider currently employs more than 40,000 staff members, including 6,000 support staff and 30,000-plus caregivers, depending on the month.

Before hiring Amelia, Aveanna support staff manually handled all employee requests, from password resets to user authentication. These requests would spike every year due to two coinciding employee deadlines: requests for W-2 tax forms and mandatory compliance training.

Such a high volume of requests would consume support staff members’ workload, resulting in delayed response times and overwhelmed employees, which negatively affected the overall provision of patient care. Since Aveanna Pediatric caregivers sit with patients throughout the night, caregivers need to be able to resolve issues quickly, quietly and without disturbing patients.

The company also had recently transitioned to Workday LMS and many employees had not yet signed into the platform. In anticipation of a higher-than-normal spike in employee requests, Aveanna deployed Amelia to handle time-consuming, repetitive employee requests through Workday and two mobile apps.

“Amelia was meant for us as a pure innovation play to allow for offsetting of labor and to introduce a new level of sophistication with our customer service model,” said Michael Muncy, Chief Information Officer at Aveanna Healthcare. “Due to the nature of COVID forcing us to be so remote, Amelia turned out to be a huge benefit to us because of the 24x7 nature of availability. The model has allowed us to pivot our customer service plans towards Amelia in 2022 so that we can function in a highly remote environment both now and for future disasters, pandemics, working remote models.”

Amelia now handles an average of more than 560 daily conversations. When conversation volume spikes, she manages more than 1,600 requests in a day. Amelia resolves 97% of employees’ requests through Aveanna’s Workday and EVV chat, with limited need to escalate to her human colleagues. Amelia helps Aveanna caregivers quickly and seamlessly resolve their questions, allowing them to provide patients with their undivided attention. The company’s support staff also benefits from Amelia’s deployment, as they now have more time to take on higher-value responsibilities within HR and training.

Throughout the remainder of 2021, Aveanna will replace its older tablets with new ones in order to run its new electronic point-of-care system, NetSmart MyUnity mobile. Amelia will be deployed as the system’s Level 1 support, serving caregivers working on location by authenticating accounts and resetting passwords. Amelia will also be integrated with MyUnity’s back-office systems to provide scheduling support and to manage documentation from Aveanna’s nurse supervisors.

  • 560

    Amelia handles more than 560 conversations on an average day.

  • 500

    She manages approx. 500 password reset requests end-to-end daily.

  • 97

    Amelia resolves 97% of employees’ requests, with minimal need to escalate to her human colleagues.

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