Global Telecom Provider Hires Amelia for IT Services

November 6, 2017 • 2 minute read

Amelia has been implemented as a virtual assistant for a global telecom provider's IT service desk.

  • Challenge

    To reduce the time it takes to handle basic credit card disputes in order to free human customer service agents to handle more unique conversations

  • Solution

    Amelia was hired as a Spanish-language, voice-based customer service agent and served as the first line of support for credit card disputes.

  • Results

    Amelia achieved a 98% accuracy rate. She is handling 400 valid claims per month and the objective is to expand that claim volume to somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000.

At a global telecom provider, employing 107,000 employees worldwide, Amelia has become the new face of their IT service desk. She is helping the company ensure that its employees remain productive and she is eliminating downtime in resolving issues.

The company’s IT service desk is contacted more than a million times a year. Amelia offers the opportunity to keep up with 24x7 user demand. For example, at peak times such as Monday mornings, the team was getting stretched to capacity, making it difficult to ensure that every user was helped within a few minutes of reaching out for support.

For more than 20,000 English speaking staff Amelia is now handling an 83% of IT Service Desk requests and has held more than 100,000 conversations. She is assisting with first-line support requests such as password resets, distribution list additions, permission changes, email issues and two-factor authentication.

Given Amelia’s early successes, she is now on a first-name basis with the English speaking staff. She is featured on laptop stickers, flyers and life-sized cutouts around the offices. Employees know to contact Amelia via the intranet portal for help with any IT problems. Not only has Amelia learned how to execute the requests but her involvement has been the catalyst for improvements in end-to-end processes that have been re-drawn to further leverage automation benefits. Previously, for instance, forms would be emailed to mailbox owners requesting authorization for the addition of a new user. Now Amelia looks up the mailbox owner independently, sends a message that requires a single push button approval, which dramatically shrinks the time it takes to execute the request.

To date, she has correctly identified the intent of employee IT requests 93% of the time and when appropriate, successfully escalated queries she could not complete to her human counterparts in real time. Eventually, Amelia will provide the same support for employees in the company’s
German operations supporting another 14,400 employees in their native tongue. Following this she will engage with the company’s very large community of Spanish-speaking employees. Additionally, the telecoms provider is exploring an opportunity for Amelia to take on an external-facing customer support role in an English-speaking market with the goal of further differentiating their service from the competition.

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