The Essential Guide to Digital Employees

A series of informative deep-dive sessions on the critical elements to build, deploy and maintain sophisticated and scalable conversational virtual agents for the enterprise.

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The Essential Guide to Digital Employees

About this Episode

Conversational AI agents are valuable members of the enterprise workforce, but the professionals responsible for overseeing building, training, and deploying those agents are indispensable. These professionals are tasked with training Digital Employees to provide interactive services to customers and employees. This starts with intent recognition, one of the most crucial elements to any deployment. Intent recognition is so important that we'll be exploring the subject across two episodes of our series. In this installment, we’ll examine how proper intent recognition defines the success (or failure) of user engagements with Digital Employees. We’ll define intent, how it's expressed, and how it applies to specific audiences and business processes. We’ll also discuss ways to measure intent recognition so that businesses can scale projects with success.

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