The Future is Calling Contact Centers in Crisis

Get critical insights on Conversational AI in contact centers in this webinar featuring experts from our partners Everest Group and Capgemini.

The global pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of enterprise contact centers. Those that had not implemented (or that have yet to implement) AI and automation technologies to augment and scale human call center agents scrambled to catch up, and many are still attempting to chart that path. Meanwhile, the cold reality is that contact centers cannot retreat to a pre-pandemic state, as consumer and business interactions have been irrevocably transformed to adjust to COVID-era buying and spending habits.

However, imagine if you were offered the opportunity to build a brand new contact center today, how would you do it? What AI technologies must be in place, how do you design an optimal call center for a hybrid workforce of digital and human agents, and how do you make sure customer experiences are all the better for these efforts?

Watch the replay on to get critical insights from experts at Everest Group, and learn how Capgemini created multi-tenant hybrid call centers, empowered with Conversational AI and AI-assisted collaboration, as a model for enterprises worldwide.

Presenters include:

  • Eric Fradet, VP-Global Practice Head, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Capgemini
  • Sharang Sharma, Practice Director, Everest Group
  • Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial Officer, Amelia

The Intelligent Contact Center

Companies have spent decades implementing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems in their call and customer care centers, but they've proven unable to keep up with customers' expectations.

In this white paper, we examine the benefits of an Intelligent Contact Center, where companies utilize Conversational AI-powered virtual agents to provide first-line resolution and support for customers, and augment human employees through AI and automation.

Download our paper to learn the benefits of this approach and why current IVR systems simply will not cut it in today’s hyper-paced digital landscape.

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