What's Next in Digital Healthcare Experiences

Learn about the incredible possibilities for AI in healthcare.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape the retail and healthcare industries, creating new demand for AI solutions among key players looking to adapt. Healthcare organizations around the world are turning to the tech to help meet capacity challenges, accelerate shifts in patient and customer care modalities, transition to telehealth and more. A skilled labor shortage, coupled with ongoing mitigation measures, is accelerating adoption of AI-powered digital colleagues. In addition, digitally-savvy retail titans such as Amazon are making massive health tech investments, putting intense competitive pressure on providers to transform how they operate.

Faced with these challenges, providers are investing in digital AI agents to modernize operations in order to address the lack of healthcare workers, while simultaneously driving positive patient outcomes. Visionworks, one of the nation’s largest eye care service providers, has high-value patient service at the core of its AI transformation efforts. The company utilizes digital agents to handle more than 30,000 incoming calls and proactively schedule 2,500 optometry appointments each day for its retail network. Free of these scheduling tasks, company associates can concentrate on providing one-on-one care to in-store visitors.

Visionworks’ journey shows how AI is creating seismic shifts in health services, and how other players in the healthcare ecosystem can be innovative in providing care. Watch the replay of our What’s Next session to explore the incredible possibilities for AI in healthcare, best practices to ensure successful deployments, why enhancing patient outcomes must be at the center of any omni-channel modernization project (which includes inbound/outbound voice and text/SMS engagement), and how Visionworks’ efforts are transferable to your business.


Shawnna DelHierro

Shawnna DelHierro, recently Chief Information Officer of Retail Technology for Visionworks of America, a subsidiary of VSP Global, is a highly transformational leader who focuses on emerging technologies and digital transformation seeking opportunities for automation and continuous improvement. During her nine-year tenure at Visionworks, Shawnna held many positions, the most recent as CIO of Retail Technology. Shawnna possesses a passion for mentoring women and encouraging their personal and professional growth. She was the Executive Sponsor of Visionworks’ LGBTQ+ business resource group that supports the LGBT+ community by creating a culture of non-discrimination by fostering a better work environment and encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion. Shawnna was most recently recognized by the San Antonio Business Journal as one of the Top C-Suite Executives of 2022.

Nick Panayi

Before joining Amelia as Chief Marketing Officer, Nick was Vice President of Brand, Demand and Digital Marketing at DXC Technology (formed in 2017 after a merger of CSC and HPE Enterprise Services). In addition to DXC, Nick’s 20-plus years of marketing experience in the technology industry includes a variety of leadership roles with HP (previously Compaq Corp.) and Avaya. Nick was named to the list of "Top 25 Digital Marketers" by BtoB Magazine and his marketing teams have won multiple awards and distinctions by Sirius Decisions, ITSMA and other marketing analyst firms. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an MBA and lives in Northern Virginia.

Chetan Dube

Chetan Dube has served as the President and CEO of Amelia since its inception in 1998. During his tenure, he has led the company to create a radical shift in the way IT is managed. Chetan is a mathematician and prior to joining Amelia, he served as an Assistant Professor at New York University. Chetan is a widely recognized speaker on autonomics, cognitive computing and the future impact of a digital workforce. He serves on the board of numerous IT-related institutions. In 2017, he was listed as one of the Nine Greatest AI minds in the world to keep an eye on by Forbes. He is also a distinguished member of the Forbes Technology Council.

The Intelligent Contact Center

Companies have spent decades implementing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems in their call and customer care centers, but they've proven unable to keep up with customers' expectations.

In this white paper, we examine the benefits of an Intelligent Contact Center, where companies utilize Conversational AI-powered virtual agents to provide first-line resolution and support for customers, and augment human employees through AI and automation.

Download our paper to learn the benefits of this approach and why current IVR systems simply will not cut it in today’s hyper-paced digital landscape.

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