What’s Next in Digital Hospitality Experiences

February 9, 2023, 11:00am EST

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Join us at our upcoming What's Next seminar to explore how AI is creating extraordinary experiences for travelers, hotel guests and hospitality employees.

After years of pandemic-related pauses, people are travelling again in record numbers. Flights are packed, and bookings at hotels and resorts are way up – as are travelers’ expectations when it comes to customer service. Even occasional leisure vacationers expect to be treated with the kind of gold-star service usually reserved for regular business travelers and frequent flyers, and they’re just as quick to voice their frustration when they don’t receive it.

Under these market conditions, hospitality companies are laser-focused on providing premier customer service for all travelers and lodgers, mindful that one bad or disappointing experience risks damaging their brands and losing customers forever. Many companies are turning to digital agents powered by Conversational AI, with their ability to scale and address thousands of guest inquiries and requests simultaneously via multiple channels, to enhance their customer service operations and call centers. Digital agents provide the kind of instant, personalized service that travelers demand, while also freeing up human agents and employees to concentrate on serving guests in other ways and making operations more efficient.

Resorts World Las Vegas, the first integrated resort to be built on the Las Vegas Strip in more than a decade, from the beginning wanted to utilize digital agents and automation to streamline internal IT operations, and enhance guest and employee experiences. The resort last year hired Amelia and launched its digital concierge, named Red, to manage the entirety of its call center, allowing guests to speak directly with Red 24/7 for assistance with anything — dinner reservations, show tickets, room service, wake-up calls, and more. Red has conducted thousands of interactions and has made a measurable impact on customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Join us for our first What’s Next seminar of 2023 to learn more about how Resorts World Las Vegas put digital agents and Conversational AI at the heart of its customer service strategy, and the insights gained along the way.


Namratha Nandagopal

Namratha Nandagopal is Executive Director of Application Development and Quality Assurance at Resorts World Las Vegas, the Strip’s first ground-up resort in more than a decade. In her role, she oversees and manages in-house software development and testing efforts across all systems in the property. Her years of experience working at different Las Vegas resorts gives her insight into how customer service impacts the likelihood of a customer returning for future visits.

Chetan Dube

Chetan Dube has served as CEO of Amelia since its inception in 1998. During his tenure, he has led the company to create a radical shift in the way IT is managed. Chetan is a mathematician and prior to joining Amelia, he served as an Assistant Professor at New York University. Chetan is a widely recognized speaker on autonomics, cognitive computing and the future impact of a digital workforce. He serves on the board of numerous IT-related institutions. In 2017, he was listed as one of the Nine Greatest AI minds in the world to keep an eye on by Forbes. He is also a distinguished member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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