Conversational AI

AI enables a user interface (UI) which allows humans to interact with digital systems through the medium most natural to them — conversation, either through the spoken word or interactive, unscripted text chats. While humans have long “conversed” with computers, those interactions had to follow strict structured rules that computers were pre-programmed to anticipate. Conversational AI solutions such as Amelia are able to discern a wide spectrum of user inputs, including ones they are not specifically trained to anticipate. These systems translate user requests into specific actions. These engagements are particularly powerful when paired with autonomic back-end solutions, like Amelia AIOps, which allow users to access processes and automations just by requesting them. This opens up a number of exciting possibilities that will impact businesses, employees and customers in years to come.

Additionally, within the Amelia Integrated Platform, the Amelia Conversational AI solution has built-in orchestration services, enabling companies to streamline business processes for greater efficiency and productivity.