Whisper Agent

Virtual agents can act as whisper agents. In this scenario, the human agent is the one who is directly communicating with the customer, while the virtual agent, or digital employee, works in the background to provide support to the human agent. The whisper agent sifts through data and company policies faster than any human agent can, so while the human agent interacts with the customer, the whisper agent pulls up the answers to customer questions and inquiries. Whisper agents benefit both the customer and the human agent. For the customer, they receive efficient and accurate answers to their concerns. For the human agent, they have more time to come up with superior customer care solutions.

When Amelia works as a whisper agent for her human colleagues, she draws on the many components of her memory, such as episodic, semantic, and process memory, in order to pull accurate and immediate information, which she then passes along to her human colleagues. Together, Amelia and her human colleagues are able to provide accurate, timely solutions for user inquiries.