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Healthcare Reimagining Patient and Provider Experiences with the Enterprise Leader in Trusted AI

Positive Healthcare Outcomes

Amelia digital agents deliver proven results across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • 93%

    Through training and self-learning, Amelia digital agents achieve an average of 93% intent recognition for our healthcare clients, meaning they understand what users need and can quickly assist them.

  • 3,000

    For one client, Amelia participates in 3,000 conversations per week to assist staff with everything from password resets to compliance training, allowing staff to stay focused on their jobs.

  • 80%

    Amelia executes 80% of first-touch requests and transactions end-to-end in a healthcare client’s call center without escalating them to a human agent, reducing call volumes and improving member services.

  • 14,000

    Amelia helps one healthcare provider reclaim 14,000 hours of productivity, time that can be refocused on providing personalized patient and customer care.

The Right Skills for Healthcare

Amelia digital agents easily navigate complex clinical and administrative tasks.

  • Multichannel

    Patients, members, doctors and providers can securely connect and communicate with Amelia over voice, chat, text — any channel, anytime.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Healthcare is highly personal. Amelia digital agents analyze conversations for the sentiments behind words and phrases, responding with appropriate levels of care and comfort.

  • Natural Language

    Amelia digital agents understand the language of healthcare, including clinical terms, abbreviations and phrases, and how consumers, patients, clinicians and providers speak with one another.

  • Built-In Integration

    Amelia can connect to EHRs/EMRs, scheduling systems, or any healthcare-related system to complete tasks end-to-end.

Health Systems & Providers

With Amelia, health systems provide patients with digital health services that are secure and industry compliant, from selecting doctors and scheduling appointments, through ongoing care management.

  • Intelligent IVR: Escalations, Call Routing and Triage

  • Find Locations, Doctors, and Services

  • Scheduling Management (Schedule, Reschedule, Cancel, Confirm, Recall)

  • Patient Outreach (Care Management, Care Gaps, PROs, Medication Adherence)

  • Intake and Pre-Registration

  • Patient Payments, Financial Assistance, Collections

  • Symptom Checker, Virtual Triage, Risk Assessments

  • Patient Surveys

Health Plans (Members)

Members utilize Amelia digital agents as trusted guides to doctors, dentists and pharmacies as they enroll in new health plans, determine coverage eligibility and benefits, update and expand coverage, and file and track claims.

  • Update Profile, PCP and Coverage Information

  • Replace ID Cards/Password Resets

  • Find a Provider, Dentist or Pharmacy

  • Coverage Benefits/Eligibility (Medical, Dental and Pharmacy)

  • Claims Inquiries and Explanations

  • Enrollment

Health Plans (Providers)

Health plans deploy Amelia digital agents as the first point-of-contact for members, offloading administrative tasks from employees while allowing members to quickly secure answers on coverage status, approvals and authorizations.

  • Approvals and Authorizations

  • Member Coverage Status and Inquiries

  • Provider Administrative Services

  • Bill Payment Status

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Patient Access

Amelia powers fully integrated patient hubs, including ones for those enrolled in specific therapies and treatments from pharmaceutical companies, with services for enrollment verification, and ongoing patient assistance.

  • Patient Services IVR Call Routing and Triage

  • Enrollment and Consent

  • Benefit Verification

  • Annual Reverification

  • Prior Authorization and Appeal Support

  • Co-Pay and Patent Assistance (Medical and Rx)

Pharmacies and Labs

From prescription orders and refills, to providing important information on drug interactions, to lab test prep and scheduling, Amelia connects patients and providers to these critical services.

  • Refill and Adherence Reminders

  • Pick-Up/Status Reminder

  • Rx Benefits Coverage

  • Transfer Prescriptions

  • Appointment Management

  • Billing and Insurance

  • Test Preparation

  • Lab Results

Our Healthcare Partners

Amelia works with leading solutions, consulting and implementation providers to integrate our platform with contact centers, EHRs/EMRs, revenue cycle management and payer systems, and more.

  • Epic

    The premier EHR and health systems provider — more than 300 million patients have a current electronic record in Epic.

  • Oracle Cerner

    The leading provider of health IT services, devices, and hardware, with solutions in use at thousands of facilities around the world.

Watch Amelia in Action

We work with healthcare clients to build use cases that provide personalized care navigation, appointment management, healthcare concierge services and more.

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