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Insurance Policies, Claims and Billing at Scale with Conversational AI

Proven Results in Digital Insurance

Amelia delivers benefits to carriers and their policyholders across the lifecycle of policy administration, claims and billing.

  • 1,000+

    Amelia assists call center agents with more than 1,000 daily conversations related to claims and policies.

  • 18 million

    Amelia is being deployed as a virtual customer care agent for an international insurer with 18 million global customers.

  • 87,000

    With her ability to handle insurance tasks end-to-end, Amelia saved one provider 87,000 hours for agents and support personnel.

  • 75+ tasks

    Amelia is trained in more than 75 unique tasks for P&C carriers.

Lifecycle Insurance Skills

With years of insurance experience, Amelia brings her unique capabilities to every interaction in carrier call centers and digital support channels.

  • Escalation

    Sometimes policyholders need immediate help at an accident site or during a time of crisis. Amelia is available 24/7 and escalates calls to human agents immediately when required to meet customers' needs.

  • Intent Recognition

    Not only can Amelia speak to customers in local languages, she also easily understands user intents and sentiments, and common P&C terms like FNOL and ACORD, to make any claim experience easier.

  • Analytics

    Amelia tracks customer journeys and services performances, making recommendations for improvements and identifying potential avenues for product and revenue growth.

  • Training/Learning

    With Digital Employee Builder, Amelia easily integrates with Guidewire and Duck Creek, and learns any front-end customer care or back-end IT system to provide a full suite of P&C services.

Policy Administration

With Amelia, insurers enable full-service digital policy management, including initial policy underwriting, renewals and adding beneficiaries.

  • Policy Product Offerings

  • ACORD Summaries

  • Policy Cancellations

  • Policyholder and Beneficiary Information and Additions

  • Coverage, Payments and Deductibles Questions and Changes

  • General Policy Information and FAQs


Policyholders submit claims and access up-to-date status info through conversations with Amelia, from FNOL through settlement.

  • FNOL (First Notice of Loss)

  • Claims Status

  • Submission of Claims Details, Photos, Reports, Videos

  • General Claims Information and FAQs


Amelia supports policyholders through the billing and payment process with a high degree of personalized service.

  • Digital Insurance Concierge

  • Payments

  • Direct Billing

  • Bill Disputes

  • Billing Reminders and Late Notices

  • General Billing Questions, Information and FAQs

Insurance Partners and Integrations

The industry's leading solutions providers and implementation partners work with Amelia to enable digital insurance services.

  • Guidewire

    As the leading P&C software provider, more than 500 insurers in 38 countries, from new ventures to the largest and most complex in the world, run on Guidewire.

  • Duck Creek

    Duck Creek Technologies is the intelligent solutions provider for P&C and general insurance, enabling the industry to run agile, intelligent, and evergreen operations.

Create Extraordinary Insurance Experiences

AI is redefining how customers interact with insurance carriers. By enabling Amelia to handle policyholder transactions and inquiries, carriers can improve speed and accuracy, and give customers extraordinary experiences. Read our white paper to learn more.

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