AI is the Perfect Assistant for Retail Associates

September 14, 2018 • 1 minute read

Solid customer service is crucial for any business, but no other industry relies as heavily on positive customer experiences as retail. This video offers a glimpse into IPsoft’s vision of what AI can deliver to retail employees from a training and service perspective. Watch it now to find out more.

Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial Officer, IPsoft

What if you could arm your customer-facing employees with access to everything there is to know about your company’s products? Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes such an opportunity possible for retailers. By providing employees with wearable devices such as the Apple Watch, and building experiences for those devices with a solution like IPsoft’s digital colleague Amelia, companies can dramatically improve employees’ knowledge and speed. Employees would be able to give customers accurate and instant information without having to duck behind a desktop computer or pick up a phone. During their initial employee training, they could simply speak a question to Amelia, rather than search through a company database, or crack open a giant training manual.

Jonathan Crane, IPsoft’s Chief Commercial Officer, spoke with Dagens Handel (Daily Retail), an industry-leading Swedish trade magazine, about the potential for AI and retail experiences. Watch this video to hear Jonathan’s take on how AI can revolutionize training and service for retail employees.

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