Amelia CEO: AI is Critical for Customer Service

June 10, 2020 • 1 minute read

Businesses that implemented AI-powered employees before the pandemic were better equipped for the spike in customer service volumes.

Amelia (formerly IPsoft) CEO Chetan Dube, in a recent article for Forbes, urges enterprises to use the current pandemic to evaluate and improve their customer service operations, which can generate real business value and growth.

“The current approach to customer service simply isn’t elastic enough to deal with the unexpected peaks and valleys that are baked into the modern world,” Chetan writes.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed weaknesses in how enterprises currently function and highlighted the advantages of employing AI-powered Digital Colleagues, particularly in customer service roles. Prior to the pandemic, enterprises were already experiencing challenges maintaining customer service through seasonal variances of demand.

Chetan says enterprises that implemented AI-powered employees prior to the COVID-19 pandemic were better prepared for the ensuing shutdowns and work shortages, which came hand-in-hand with a dramatic spike in customer service volumes. The clear disparity between companies with and without conversational AI agents has left the lagging companies eager to catch-up. However, Chetan suggests that businesses should first identify their business problems, then research how AI may help resolve them with specific use cases.

AI-powered employees also assist humans by taking on the stress of back-to-back challenging customer service calls, especially in contact centers dealing with major staffing issues. “As organizations look to reorder and reengage their workforces in the wake of a recovery, they should be looking to move people out of customer service support roles into jobs where they can use their unique human skills like critical thinking and creativity,” Chetan writes.

To read more of Chetan’s view, check out the full article at Forbes.

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